Bitey game NEXT MONTH

2011-03-02 04:44:33 by chluaid

I've been quiet for a long time. All of last year I was up to my neck in Dragon Age Legends (the EA 2D Facebook game). Here's a trailer they made from my in-game cinematic at the end of last year:

Many people have asked (and given up asking) where the Dashkin sequel is. First thing: it's not done yet. Second thing, here's why:

Since November 2010, programmer Sean McGee and I have been working full time on a Bitey game for the next 'installment' of Brackenwood. I've just updated my personal blog at with some new info and screenshots but below is a teaser image showing various times of day colour schemes and locations.

The game was originally to be a classic style adventure platformer but has evolved into a series of skill and time trial challenges, tied together with story elements that lead you through 8-10 levels over 4-5 regions of the Brackenwood world.

It'll be a Flash game, but I'm doing all the art & animation in ToonBoom Animate Pro, then importing in Flash for Sean's coding.

The music is being expertly played (yes, real instruments) by Lee Miller, who I've worked with in the past - he did the end credits music on The Yuyu and also created the complete score for The Last of the Dashkin.

Right now we're simply calling it 'the bitey game', but the actual title will be released later this month, closer to the finish. In the meantime you can keep up to date with its progress on my site, Facebook and Twitter.

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Bitey game NEXT MONTH


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2011-06-05 18:10:14

more than 2 months over do?
wtf, how big is this game gonna be?


2011-06-06 18:29:10

I got a little phrase I use for bitey. " Rip Roarin' ", that is to say he moves so fast he tears across the land, and rips it apart!! I've always loved bitey and He's what motivated me to become an animator. In fact I was just blundering around the internet when I came across your first brackenwood film to feature bitey, and since then I knew I wanted to be an animator. So I owe you a lot man. I can't wait to see this game come out, but just one question. Will there be "Rip Raorin' "?


2011-06-07 11:50:11

wow awesome sell the game! or something......or the OST.....but we'd love the game too!


2011-06-07 12:00:37

wow awesome sell the game! or something......or the OST.....but we'd love the game too!

actually i think it wud be interesting if you could give a trailer for the game, telling a story of bitey's past and the connection with the witch/sorceress and such. I think it'd be nice to have a story game where we can discover more about bitey and brackenwood. it'd be godly <3


2011-06-09 13:24:52



2011-06-12 03:43:53

grate,can't wait!


2011-06-17 09:39:45

*Snaps* Got it. EpicMealTime. I knew I recognized that tune from somewhere...


2011-06-24 15:38:52

i saw that you said things change... well can't wait! hope it's as awesome as dragon age remix!


2011-06-29 20:48:17

If it's made by you... it's awesome!


2011-07-01 14:33:46

Looks good, take as much time as you need but don't keep us waiting.