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You know what would be awesome?

The Elder Scrolls: Brackenwood.


Awesome trailer! Love your style. Keep up the great work. Can't wait for the next Bitey movie too

Thanks for the update!

bitey game will be another big hit for you!

Yay Finally for years ive been WAITING and its COMING!!

This Makes Me Incredibly Happy =D
I Love the Incredible world of Brackenwood, It's Beautiful, odd and inspirational.
I Think Bitey Will Be a Brilliant Platformer Protagonist.

P.s. Nice to See People Circulating Extra Credits ;D

I just wet myself with happiness.

Here, let me get you a towel.

Being one of your more, uh, patient fans, I've gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised.

I know you have your paid work, and I don't bug you for more because I know your plate's full with other, more pressing matters.

But I'm glad you've actually been working on a secret project with much love put into it- just for us, the fans.

As I said, it's a pleasant surprise. Thusly, I wish you the best with this final segment in the undertaking...

thanks for your patience. I'll do my best to make it worth the wait.

Take your time, a good game takes time to be creative.

The screen shots look amazing! I really hope its not laggy...anyways I can't wait! I'll try not to implode from sheer happiness by then *pop!* and there goes my right arm...

Hey. The YuYu is one of my favorite flashes and I love the music in it(I think it's called Bitey's theme) is there someway I could download it?

Goddamnit. I can't WAIT!

I remember when i first heard about newgrounds and pico's school and after a quick look found bitey of brackenwood and instantly enjoyed its art direction which has improved so much over the years, everyday i went into work at the office and logged onto your site to see any new updates from watching a new animation in the 30 shorts in 30 days to waiting for a new addition to the brackenwood series. The tidbits of art and concepts you leave us with keeps me hanging on until the release of the specific feature(you wouldn't believe my delight at seeing the snap you left us with before releasing waterlollies, the one just before swiping the nest.) Watching the opening scenes and listening to the fantastic musical scores has truly inspired me in creative and animated design. Wish you all the best success with this new addition to your franchise and cannot to feast my eyes and ears on its animated beauty. Keep on with your inspiring and infamous work :D

OMG! I love your work, it just takes...SO LONG...

I have to say, you are an amazing and creative narrator, and I hope you fare well in your career in art. I love your art, your narrative and your choice in music.

I also cannot wait for your movie, 2D movies need to make a come back., and your movie would do just that. I loved and cherished the movies from my childhood that were 2D, most notably the iron giant (I am 13 turning 14), and I would like to see the return of movies in that format, they just always seemed so much more....memorable, and with a world being so much more electronically inclined it'd be nice to have something make a comeback from my childhood. I hope you have a long successful art career, and a very happy life.

P.S. to anyone it concerns, his real age is either39 turning 40, or 40, i dont know.

@ your Dragon Age Legends video: I looked up your profile on newgrounds after I watched this trailer of the game to see if this was your work. I recognized immediately that this was your animation once I saw the layout and character design. You have a very special way your characters are drawn out Chluaid and I just love it! Thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work!

I have seen the trailer just now and wow its amazing how to can animate hair move like that,i have a hairy time just drawing a still image of it.

cool. bitey is my faverut! also DA:Legends is sweeeet

When are you going to finish

Hey, i don't mean to nag but you said next month...It's almost been TWO months since the post...

Things change, and the game is now bigger than we intended. New post coming soon.

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