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Comments (59)

Brilliant :)

Can't wait!

Yay! Finally another installment to the fantastic Bitey series!

Anticipate it!


*heart flutters*

Man, you get all the best gigs. Wish you all the best!

A chance to dash with the kin of hot tempered pranksters! Looks full of love :)

this is brilliant :D i was following your blog alot awesome stuff :D

Looking forward to it a lot!

Wow. Didn't see that coming. I was expecting another movie or something, so a game will be interesting to say the least. :D

And I love the moon in that screenshot. Every bit of non-living scenery in Bitey's world so far has looked like it was copied directly off real-world stuff, but that moon makes me think there'll be more imaginative things to come. MOAR :D

P.S: Any idea how big the .swf file will likely be when you're done? Are we talking huge here?

we'll be trying to keep it reasonable, so I guess at the 12MB mark we'll start panicking haha

Alot of people seem to be announcing huge games these days, impressive. :O

that's fantastic! i love your work, and i'm glad to hear that you've been able to continue working on Brackenwood. it is hands down my favorite series on Newgrounds, and i'm always happy to hear about any developments. having the next installment be a game is definitely out of left field, but its a wonderful surprise to be sure. just looking at the art you have here gets me all amped up to play it. wish you all the best on this and all your ongoing and upcoming projects!

thanks! Always encouraging to know ppl are looking forward to it :)

Honestly the only games i'm looking forward to this year is the last guardian and this one.

Very interesting. I'm glad to see a game coming. That was very unexpected. Hopefully it'll be enjoyable as well. But I'm sure that anything you decide to release will be amazing. Can't wait for the game and the Dashkin sequel. Although I have one question, will the game be a sequel to Waterlollies, or will it fit in somewhere else?

only at the very end will it reveal something about the Brackenwood we know, so story-wise, it's pretty much independent from the other Brackenwood movies, but it does tie in.

Can't wait, issit just for fun or do you have bigger plans like PSN/XBL Arcade later?

big plans :)

Hell yeah!

Looks laggy. :P

Ehehehehe, I can't wait to play!

haha there is no lag :D

Looking great, good luck! Trailer looks sick too

I love your story telling, animations, and the world you created. I wish so badly I had the money to fund you through your works but I am a student with no job. I can't get enough!

I look forward to you being a financial success so I can keep going with this :D

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