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That was awesome, can't wait for the next part. :)

i really want to see the next part, and the film. ive been following bitey for awhile now.

nice stuff there

Adam Philips - A true mastermind of storytelling, flash animation, giving the audience a thrill and so on and so forth.
I've come to expect much from you - And you've just proven that you can fulfil all of my expectations. And even more!

Rock on!

YES !!! This is the best animation of the month sure !!!!!!!!!!! You experience, ideas, and work blind me !!!!!

sure, i wanna buy the movie in DVD if is posible : !!!

You have out-done yourself this time, it is god-like animation!!!!

You, sir, are amazing.

Small Bitey is so cuuute :3

Oh man! Four weeks to make this? Adam, you're a beast at this stuff, I can't stop thinking of how come you're so imaginative with this stuff, your storytelling is flawless!

thanks! I think it needs work in parts but my focus for Brackenwood is now story, so thanks for noticing :)

that was awesome!!

I assign your latest work as a Christmas Present sixteen days too early.
Thank you, it cheers me up in a hard time I face right now!

Glad I could help :)

I had eyes-orgasm while watching it ;)
Very awesome work, specially the backgrounds and 3D-like animations

Best wishes, and is that art available as a wallpaper? :B

yep I'll put a bunch of wallpapers up for download on the weekend

So will we have to wait another 2 years for the continuation or will you follow this up with any sort of speed?

How often do you work on the film?

When I'm working on a Brackenwood movie, it's usually full-time.

I really love it!

where are you from...cause all the music in your animations seem to have a strong celtic or gaelic feel so i was wondering if you were from scotland or ireland or something or if it was just the music that fitted

I've always been a fan of celtic mythology and musical tradition so that's the type of music I think suits Brackenwood best. I'm from Australia though

You are the best flash artist on here. Submitting some art posts on the art forum would definately get a few front pages. You'r really insipartional.

thanks :)

Loved the new movie and the new take on the next couple episodes. It keeps things interesting. I'm also interested in what program you're using for the film. ToonBoom I'm assuming?

yeah hopefully the feature film (if 2D) will be using ToonBoom

I can't believe that only took you 4 weeks to make!! What animation program(s) do you use and what was your education? I want to someday be as good as you :)

I used Flash CS3 for that movie

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