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Comments (141)

That was awesome, can't wait for the next part. :)

i really want to see the next part, and the film. ive been following bitey for awhile now.


nice stuff there

Adam Philips - A true mastermind of storytelling, flash animation, giving the audience a thrill and so on and so forth.
I've come to expect much from you - And you've just proven that you can fulfil all of my expectations. And even more!

Rock on!

It was really great =)

YES !!! This is the best animation of the month sure !!!!!!!!!!! You experience, ideas, and work blind me !!!!!

sure, i wanna buy the movie in DVD if is posible : !!!

You have out-done yourself this time, it is god-like animation!!!!

You, sir, are amazing.

Small Bitey is so cuuute :3

Oh man! Four weeks to make this? Adam, you're a beast at this stuff, I can't stop thinking of how come you're so imaginative with this stuff, your storytelling is flawless!

thanks! I think it needs work in parts but my focus for Brackenwood is now story, so thanks for noticing :)

that was awesome!!

I assign your latest work as a Christmas Present sixteen days too early.
Thank you, it cheers me up in a hard time I face right now!

Glad I could help :)

I had eyes-orgasm while watching it ;)
Very awesome work, specially the backgrounds and 3D-like animations

Best wishes, and is that art available as a wallpaper? :B

yep I'll put a bunch of wallpapers up for download on the weekend

So will we have to wait another 2 years for the continuation or will you follow this up with any sort of speed?

How often do you work on the film?

When I'm working on a Brackenwood movie, it's usually full-time.

I really love it!

where are you from...cause all the music in your animations seem to have a strong celtic or gaelic feel so i was wondering if you were from scotland or ireland or something or if it was just the music that fitted

I've always been a fan of celtic mythology and musical tradition so that's the type of music I think suits Brackenwood best. I'm from Australia though

You are the best flash artist on here. Submitting some art posts on the art forum would definately get a few front pages. You'r really insipartional.

thanks :)

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