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are you really making a game with weasel?

I was, but we postponed the project because I got busy on freelance work :/

great movie, can't wait for the next part, you really took everything that was missing from your series and put it into there.

yeah the plan for this new stuff was to answer a lot of questions and finally turn Brackenwood into a series with an interesting through-line :)

That was awesome :D

truly you are newgrounds most incredible artist in the field of flash.
and this twist you added in with a human i felt a sudden chill.

your stories are soo poetic in a strange way.

btw might i ask who voiced this piece?
her voice was lovely.


her name is Emma Reynolds. She does documentaries, audio books, adverts etc in the UK. Thanks for the feedback!

When you say 'movie', do you mean a full length theater blockbuster, a series (like Xombie), or just a really long flash. I don't think I've ever heard of a theatrical movie done entirely in flash. Sure, there are shows like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but a 1.5-3 hour .swf? How large do you plan on this being? What do you hope to accomplish with it? If there's anyone who could show people the beauty of flash and 2D animation, it's you.

Also, just wanted to let you know that your art inspires me.


The Brackenwood "movie" will be a feature length animated film in cinemas. We won't be using Flash :)

Nice storyline to the new bitey flash! Your awesome.

it was great i cant wait to see the next. i hope to see the next one soon (by soon i mean i hope for less then two months)

sorry about asking twice i just saw your reply ^_^;

and congrats again!


I love you and you're animations.
Please have my wife's babies.

ooh.. um, that could be awkward X)

As always, an awesome addition to the Brackenwood series. It's getting better and better with each instalment. It's great to see that you've decided to animate to a story/history of bitey now, rather than his random mischief moments.

Surely, like almost every NG user here, i'm really looking forward to the next part....you left us hanging there, haha.

Anyway, great job as always, don't ever give up on this. You're like a swiss-army knife of art, you combine awesome art, animation, directing, coordination, imagination, originality and loads more of those kinda cool words into one!

Hats off to you sir :D

Hat off to you too! Thanks :)


Bitey's origin kind of reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, only with much better visuals. Compared to you; my test animations look like shit (and I had Flash for five years). After seeing Bitey in action, now we get to know about what makes him who he is. If your skills tell me something, it's that your Brackenwood film might end up joining Ark and Renaissance as my favorite animated feature films.

ooh I hope so! Thanks for the feedback :)

Although the art and animation were flawless and nearly perfect and all of that, I don't like where this story is headed. The beauty of the first ones was that it was a completely alien world with it's own kind of methods and creatures. It was like a beautiful documentary of actual creatures on an alien planet, this "new" story doesn't work for me. (Even though I'm sure you had this in mind from the beginning). And again the problem with this latest installment (like with Waterlollies) is that the story that it tells isn't so intriguing. It's like you've made the Brackenwood series more aimed at toddlers. "Prowlies at the River" was genius storywise. Even the first Bitey was interesting. These new ones follow a better logical order of events, but maybe that was the wonder and excitement of your earlier Brackenwood works, you could imagine the world being so different from ours that I could easily believe that Brackenwood was shaped like a cube, just because it was so wonderfully different. Now you have made the world spherical, and introduced a mostly human character that is adding human observation to it. In any case, the art is alone enough to make me give a top rating and want to buy the feature length release, its just that I don't think that Brackenwood is achieving it's full potential.
(And what happened to Lemonee Whee? She was an old woman last I saw...)

Like you said, there's a lot that I had planned from the beginning. I didn't suddenly make Brackenwood a sphere, it was like that all along. I did however completely redesign Lemonee Wee to bring her into the semi-realistic world of Brackenwood, instead of the stylised Nickelodeon-type character she used to be.

Brackenwood needed to progress in order to progress, so I tend to disagree with your comment that it itsn't achieving its full potential. The fact is that if I never tell the full story, it'll never achieve its full potential and just coast along in perpetual and unending simplicity which is more for toddlers than the direction it's now going.

I fully respect your concerns though, so thanks for your thoughts.

<3 <3 <3 <3

:) :) :) :)

Adam Phillups, I just wanted to say how much i appreciate your ability to direct flash animation. Ever since "Bitey of Brakenwood" in 2004 i have been a huge fan of yours. When it comes to flash animation only two names come to my mind, Tom Fulp and Adam Phillups. The world of Brakenwood is one i can truely get lost in. I've shown almost all my friends your movies. Through the whole movie all i hear from them is silence and laughter. The way you draw in your audiance is truely one of a kind.

I actually had an idea for Bitey to show his sympathetic side. I know you are prolly gonna be concerned with creating the 2nd part to "The Last Dashkin" but i give myself credit for my ideas i can create, and would like to know what you think of this idea. I'd do a fan tribute but i have zero flash skills, only thing i have is a creative mind.


The movie starts off with the Yellow Fluff Ball creature (don't remember the actual name you gave this thing at the moment) dreaming.

He is dreaming about being surrounded by more of these fluff ball things of different colors. They are frolicking and having fun in an open sunny meadow.

In the real Brakenwod world the Yuyu recovered from their beatdown from Bitey see the dreaming Yellow Puff Ball and decided to envolope it into their void.

Back in the Puff ball's dream world. After frolicking a bit, the rest suddenly scatter in all directions and leave the yellow one alone in the middle of this meadow.

It looks around confused making its fart noise. Then all of a sudden the sun is covered by clouds. Worried now the Puff Ball makes it's noise one last time then Bitey pops out screaming from behind it, like in "Prowlies at the River"

It wakes up and finds itself in a darker then usual black and white world.

Nearby Bitey is chewing on berries and hear's the "pfft" noise of the yellow puff thing. Curious he heads in the direction of the noise.

The Puff Ball in it's new dark atmosphere waddles a bit and finds a Yuyu disguised as a Black Puff ball. remembering it's dream the yellow one heads over to it optimistically. When it gets over to it the Black one faces it. The yellow one let's out it's Pfft fart noise and nudges it. The Black yuyu responds by slamming it's jelly body into the yellow one. The yellow one gets it composure and slams back into it.

After it connects into the black puff ball, the black one collapses into 4 little Yuyus. The 4 Yuyus run into the black void and vanish. Then the yellow puff is surounded by hundreds of white eyes surronding it.

Bitey reaches the location and stares from behind a bush and sees the swirling tornado of Yuyus. He has a breif flashback to when he was confronted by the Yuyu himself. Curious to see what their prey is he sprints onto the top brush of a tree.

Back in the dark swirling world of the Yuyu. the Yellow Puff Ball looks back at the white eyes staring around him. The white eye's turn red and two Yuyu pop out of the void and land a blow onto the yellow puff ball which lands on it's squishy backside. The puff ball hops up and tries to make a run for it.

Bitey observing from the trees watches the swirling Yuyu tornado move with it's prey. As it moves into the forest he follows it above from the tree's his curiosity captivating him.

The Puff Ball while on it's sprint from the Yuyu keeps getting slammed from all sides from the yuyu. after sveral vicious blows it gets knock into trunk of a tree ending its retreat. Accepting its demise it stares upwards and seeing the figure of Bitey watching from above. It lets out a sympathetic cry of Pfft in Bitey's direction with sad eyes.

Bitey who has watched this event unfold, stares down at the Puff Ball's sad eyes and has a small flashback of his dream from "Prowlies at the River" when he was happily skipping with the Yellow Puff Ball.

A Yuyu dashes out and strikes the puff ball again. Bitey snaps back to reality and roars down at the Yuyu and dashes from the treetop and grabs the Puff Ball from the grasp of the Yuyu. with the Puff Ball in hand he watches as the Yuyu swirl take on a new shape.

The Yuyu revived from their last encounter with Bitey take on the Shape of a Dark Bitey. Bitey is confused by the new form and just stares at his darker mirror self. The yuyu Bitey sprint forth with his speed and punches Bitey across the face sending him flying, and the yellow puff ball flies in the air and lands on the ground.

The Yuyu Bitey place it foot on the the puff ball pinning it to the ground. Bitey recovers and gets enraged at the Yuyu. He dashes at the Yuyu Bitey and punches it across the face sending it flying with a gap across its face.

Bitey picks up the Puff ball off the ground which is bruised and beaten by now and looks down at it. The puff ball lets out a Pfft and then Bitey looks over at the Yuyu Bitey. The Yuyu Bitey reforms its face and roars at Bitey. Bitey dodges its initial attack, then Bitey and Yuyu Bitey fight over the puff ball back & forth.

Eventually Yuyu Bitey gets hold of the puff ball. Bitey looks over at it and growls at it. The Yuyu Bitey grins and splits into 2 more Yuyu Biteys, with the middle one holding the puff ball.

Bitey sprints at the middle one with the puff ball and is intercepted by the two new Biteys. Bitey battles the two new Bities, and after every blow he lands on either of them they reform.

Bitey sets his sights on the middle Yuyu Bitey with the yellow puff ball in hand, and flashes his teeth at it. He makes a final sprint at it and the other two Bities try to intercept but are exploded in Bitey's "final dash."

Bitey slams into the lead Yuyu Bitiy and grabs the Puff Ball. The two destroyed Yuyu bities merge with the lead lead one. They swirl back into a mass of Yuyus and make their escape through the forest. Bitey with Puff Ball in hand watch as they flee away.

Bitey stares down at the Puff Ball and it responds by looking up with a Pfft. Bitey sets it onto the ground and pats it twice on the head and sprints back off into the forest. Then the credits roll.


I was inspired by the bond the Yellow Puff Ball and Bitey share in "Bitey of Brakenwood" and "Prowlies at the River." I tried to send this in you inbox, but you only accept comments from your contacts which i can understand since you probably get dozens of fan mail a day.

Hope you enjoyed this idea,
Mike Macauley
A.K.A. Sleepysrh

Hey Mike that's a cool little story. I won't have time to animate it of course but I think it'd be cool if you did something with it. Maybe not Flash animation if that isn't your thing, but perhaps a comic-strip style narrative? Or a series of images with speech bubbles. I think it'd be awesome. There's one of those on DeviantArt and it's incredibly well done. You should check it out, it's Bitey vs Sonic and it's like 50+ pages.

Damnit I loved that one. I can't wait to see the next one. That was the most interesting one by far. I want to know what happened to the Dashkin and why Bitey is in Brackenwood. Although I think that some of the previous episodes looked and sounded better. Like the YuYu had the best music ever. But this is still good. Plus, lil' Bitey looked so damn cute. :D

awesome. I agree that it'll take some incredible music to top The Yuyu :)

I'm so glad you're back. It really was a week ago when I thought "what happened to the Brackenwood stories" and then yesterday - i was like o_O in front of the monitor. I loved it like i loved all the others. (Thanks for telling us about the witch being redesigned, i thought it was her daughter or something ). Needless to say you are the best at what you do. I have never seen ANY better movies here on Newgrounds than the ones you do. I'll be waiting for your next one. Thank you for making them, thank you for letting us enjoy your work!

thanks a lot :)

Erm... I'm a bit confused about your film. Is it going to be a medium-length flash to be submitted to newgrounds or is it going to be a true animated movie that will be featured in local theaters (and I'm talking disney-scale style, becausse I know you once worked for disney)? If so, are you going to get it sponsored by any company, say Disney or Pixar?

I'm working on both. The feature film (that you'd go see in cinemas) is under way and the LotD sequel will be a Brackenwood web episode on NG and my site.


You're gonna make a christmas flash this year?

Not sure I'll have the time, but I may do if I can think of an idea :P

I know you get a lot of this, but I really think &lt;a href=&quot;<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/248262">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/248262</a>&quot;&gt;this&lt;/a&gt; deserves a place in one of your next flashes.

Ta for reading.

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