Entry #16

Seems to be growing well

2016-04-07 08:22:37 by chluaid

Thanks for your support! The Patreon launch was a hit so LotD2 is starting to see some actual progress after all this time. Here is a short time lapse of some original Brackenwood inks for patrons.



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2016-04-07 11:28:08

So good!

chluaid responds:



2016-04-07 13:16:08

Beautiful stuff.

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

thanks so much man! Aiming to make this a monthly thing


2016-04-07 15:57:38

Really nice work Adam! I'm looking forward to seeing Brackenwood again!

chluaid responds:

thanks! I'm enjoying on working on it again


2016-04-07 16:05:58

Looking good man.
Love your work, keep on truckin

chluaid responds:

thanks dude. More on the way


2016-04-08 06:20:05

Pretty hype to see you're picking this up again!


2016-04-08 06:42:29

So stoked you are back at it! Hope your Patreon continues to grow ^_^


2016-05-11 02:14:34

Wish I could help out somehow, but I just don't have any money. I'll continue to support you though!


2016-05-19 16:40:00

As someone whose eyes were opened to the possibilities of flash animation as a child watching yoru videos many years ago, it's wonderful to return to NG after a long absence and find that you're still doing your amazing work.

Sorry progress has been slow, but I'm glad to hear things have gotten a break as of late. Know that you're one of my favorite flash artists and I would love to see what you'll do next!