My latest not-submissions

2008-01-05 09:21:40 by chluaid

The recent submissions (including one Turd of the Week) listing me as a co-author have nothing to do with me. If there's a way to remove yourself from a co-author list, I would like to know. In the meantime, I've emailed Tom to help me put it right.

update: It's been fixed now, thanks to the admin guys. I'm not sure if this means the exploit has been fixed or if my name has simply been removed from the co-authors list. Either way, thanks fellas.


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2008-01-05 09:23:43

To be listed as co-author, I guess you have to have them in your porta-buddy list. Maybe removing them from the list works.


2008-01-05 09:30:09

I hate the kind of people that co-author famous animators under spam movies. It's almost as if they want to ruin their reputations.


2008-01-05 09:31:10

It's a bug, give it some time. somebody will eventually fix the exploit


2008-01-05 09:33:47

I think it was a stupid thing to do as all it did was make people think you started to make bad flash. The best course of action would be to mail Tom, if that does not work then you should mail the creator, as by the rules he should have to take you off.


2008-01-05 09:33:51

I've had this issue before. Although it happened to me back in 2006 (and perhaps my way might not work now), but if you add whoever put you on those flashes onto your Portal Buddy List and then block them, you should be removed off their flashes.

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

Thanks man, I'll try that now.

(edit) ok gave it a shot but the user has to approve my Buddy Request first before I can add or block user. I've emailed Tom about it anyways so hopefully something can be done.


2008-01-05 09:39:03

Have you tried just blocking/removing the users from your buddies list?

chluaid responds:

I haven't got many people on my buddies list at all, so unless you can block a user by simply putting their name in a field somewhere, looks like there's not much I can do.


2008-01-05 10:01:44

How the heck did they co-author you and the bots? o_O
If they're co-authoring the bots, there must be some kind of bug. You may want to mention that to Tom as well.

chluaid responds:

From what other people have said (above) it looks like anyone can add anyone as a co-author.. with or without their permission. Not so much a bug as an exploit.


2008-01-05 10:11:04

Get their usernames, go into your portal buddies menu, and add them to your blocked list.

If this doesn't work, I suppose the only thing to do is contact Tom, which you've already done.

I believe they're exploiting an error in the system, so it's likely something Tom and the gang will have to fix.

It will most likely be taken care of soon enough without a scar on your reputation. Most likely the few people who have seen it will either see this news post or know something's messed up.
Perhaps a few people will walk away today actually thinking you made this though. Sorry, man.


2008-01-05 10:18:49

I've read about this in the forums and it actually is a bug.


2008-01-05 10:25:53

Well, seems to be fixed now...


2008-01-05 10:26:24

Wait, no, not fixed.


2008-01-05 10:30:12

is suxs... right?...
the staff will put the things in order in any moment


2008-01-05 10:33:42

This is some frickin' hack that BigFuzzyKitten has done. He also found a way to remove himself from an artist list.

It has nothing to do with anything you've allowed to happen, it's just some little kids screwing around, taking advantage of authors with actual talent like yourself.


2008-01-05 10:38:56

Very annoying indeed, especially if it brings down your batting avarage. But for what it's worth, I don't think anyone who've seen your animations actually believes you're capable of movies that bad.


2008-01-05 10:46:11

I just got credited for the same submission you're speaking of. I alerted liljim and Wade.


2008-01-05 10:46:37

I've been having the same problems as well. It saddens me how low these people are willing to go just to gain infamy or lower a respected authors reputation.


2008-01-05 10:53:15

Or a bug which has been exploited.

The plot thickens.


2008-01-05 10:58:53

Hopefully a hammer will be dropped, he did the same thing to the NG Bots as well.


2008-01-05 11:04:12

Yeah, that is stinks.
I hate it....
But look at the bright side - one more award!
Anyway, no one will belive you - the great Adam Phillips created a spam movie - right after your big sucsses with Waterlollies.


2008-01-05 11:07:11

I remember that some guys added dead LiveCorpse to co-authors in 2006. They hacked his account OR they used this bug.


2008-01-05 11:10:57

hey! that sounds like it also happened to tomfulp! he made cool submissions but all of a sudden his submissions contain pieces of crap. just like you. it's a good thing you PM'ed tom, he could try to secure it or ban those users.


2008-01-05 11:13:07

Agh! You Turd of the Week! Well, I read the comments and adding them, then blocking can't work unless they accept the add. And chances are, they won't, they're going to continue abusing the bug.

There's been lots of threads on the BBS about it, so Tom'll know soon, and it'll all be lost.

On a funnier side, you got Turd of the Week!


2008-01-05 11:41:59

Unfortunately removing them from your portal buddies won't work, since they exploit it to co-author you, and don't necessarily need you as a portal buddy. (As far as I know.)

Hopefully Tom will get this cleared up soon.


2008-01-05 11:58:07

They aren't getting infamy, since most of the people who aren't artists won't remember their names. they will just be referred to as "that idiot who credited crappy submissions" or "turd face"


2008-01-05 12:02:23

omg it happened to krinkels too.
we gotta kill this spammers NOW!


2008-01-05 12:05:21



2008-01-05 12:06:23

I was pretty suprised to find me and you under the co-authors for the same flash that neither of us contributed to.


2008-01-05 12:16:10

That sucks man...


2008-01-05 12:21:44

SS strikes again, damn.


2008-01-05 12:37:05

Damn, thats one annoying glitch...

Hope you get your pride back and those spammers get their comeuppance


2008-01-05 12:49:03

dont worry we ngers all believe u r not that kinda person who would make spams :p and i think they had u "make" the spam flashes by just simply add u as -co-artist, u just need to delect them from co-artist list and block them... but i dont think u have a way to delect the submission,


2008-01-05 12:50:57

This happened to Krinkels too!


2008-01-05 13:05:32

Eheh, that guy and his flash will probably get deleted for it, but it does suck really hard to see that. I mean really, it's no right :\

You can't remove them if they where never there in the first place, so that sucks even more. I hope it gets sorted though.



2008-01-05 13:10:56

Not just to Krinkels. To Tom, to Wade, to Ross, to Bedn, to StrawberryClock, to the Bots, and even to Pimp. The group behind this travesty, of listing legends on turds? They are the Kitty Krew (with other spammers joining in later). I have fought them since November, but now...
Kes went too far, by exploiting a flaw to make it look like legends and bots were in on his crap. Kberkag (or perhaps I should say LordZeebmork) went too far, by co-authoring this particular legend on a Turd, stealing the name of his best work. Now do you on Newgrounds understand how evil the Kitty Krew can be?


2008-01-05 13:22:12

they did it by exploiting a bug in the ng system where they edit their portal buddies

the kitty krew figured it out by sitting around on ng all day fucking with things, but then apparently decided not to go all the way with it to avoid deletion

knowing this, konata also exploited this bug, but not to gain infamy or to tarnish anyones reputation, but instead just to fuck with people and have fun

anyway its going to be fine, eventually the ng staff will figure out how to fix the bug and everyone involved will probably be deleted


2008-01-05 13:30:33

Dude, you still have spam in your profile..


2008-01-05 13:44:15

Maybe they thought some Phillips greatness would rub off onto their score.

Obviously not :P

I'm sure Tom will take care of this for you.


2008-01-05 13:48:40

Here's how its done. In the words of BFK..

I'll just going to spill on this thread:

download firebug for firefox

inspect element over any buddy on your list

change the value of the checkbox to their ID, which is the filename of their banner and profile pic.

IDS I used:

tomfulp- 1
wadefulp- 68
bigbadron- 1184
livecorpse- 613167
illwillpress- 421628
chulaid- 790763
egoraptor- 215510
alvin-earthworm- 1346821
strawberryclock- 15277


2008-01-05 14:17:13

Tom is going to be pissed, if he isn't already. Accounts are going to be terminated by the Fulpinator.


2008-01-05 14:19:29

Don't worry it's happened to Krinkels and other goos flash artists. Don't just PM Tom, PM all the admins to make sure you get attention.


2008-01-05 15:11:24

to loathsome^: It wasn't the SS it was the kitty krew lmao.

to adam: mm yeah I've seen that and figured out how to use it, too, haven't used it though. The bug is fixed now but there's still a lot of work to do because people are still co-authored. I am pretty sure that the Kitty Krew (if you don't know what they are, they are the most annoying group on NG) members that have contributed to that get deleted and maybe even IP banned from NG.


2008-01-05 15:42:55

To be perfectly honest I noticed nothing different between the Turd of the Week and the Brackenwood series XD


2008-01-05 15:45:47

Hahahahahaha you should be happy! You got another brand new award :3


2008-01-05 17:20:08

that's pretty damn funny though


2008-01-05 18:02:39

umm... the guys name is shrums if that helps... *cough*go spam his page*cough*


2008-01-05 18:19:24

Problem is solved. Should be fixed for the other authers soon.


2008-01-05 19:30:00

Suuuuuuuuuuuure. Blame it on a "exploit". But really Waterlollies! is a step up, and im proud of you!


2008-01-05 19:33:37

haha, great prank.


2008-01-05 20:21:32

Spoil Sport


2008-01-05 21:59:09

This happend to Kringles too I hope it dosn't happen to me next.