Teach you FX Animation

2011-08-10 06:09:14 by chluaid

Help Dashkin and learn FX Animation :O


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2013-11-09 06:05:43

come on i want more bitey plz hurry i am starting to feend and i cant get this monkey off my back


2014-02-17 14:51:35

Thank you Adam Phillips for sharing all of your beautiful and creative videos with the world. I personally have gotten so much enjoyment from watching all the Bitey videos and other misc projects you've done over the years. I can't believe it's been more than a decade now! Anyways, thanks again!


2014-03-25 22:12:39

I miss you man...


2014-10-14 17:25:54

We miss you :P


2016-03-12 05:28:19

New post please, thanks.