Teach you FX Animation

2011-08-10 06:09:14 by chluaid

Help Dashkin and learn FX Animation :O


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2011-08-10 08:16:33

Well, we finally see the face behind the computer screen.
Great to see the major strides you've come this far to father and nurture.

Though the program does not pertain to my skill needs, nonetheless i'm glad to see you willing to teach for far less harsher prices than most of these corporate run colleges.

Thanks Cluaid, you are indeed a community contributive animator on newgrounds for other inspired artists!



2011-08-10 08:46:27

My pants ... I must change them.


2011-08-10 08:56:51

hey this is great.
a 39 dollar donation i was tentative about.
but 39 dollars for 8 weeks of fx tuition; that's just good value.


2011-08-10 09:45:05

Sounds cool I don't know how much time I'd be able to dedicate to it until next summer so I might hold off on subscribing until then.


2011-08-10 10:03:26

Im signed up..

Now my dick animations can have realistic jiggle and bounce to it

chluaid responds:

and as such, they will stand cock and shoulders above most other dick animations out there.


2011-08-10 11:31:26

I so want in ):!


2011-08-10 11:41:40

I havent read yet but your awesome


2011-08-10 11:44:39

Update 8D! I already sent you my money.


2011-08-10 12:54:18

Fuck not having a job! >:/


2011-08-10 15:26:31

Oh no! I just read the fine print about the class...

So if I donated $300, I don't get this ?? :'(

Or I have to swap my gifts for this one?

chluaid responds:

I underestimated the interest there'd be in the course, so I'm looking into ways of offering it to higher-pledge backers. I may post on the Updates tab soon.


2011-08-10 16:08:20

This is totally what I need! Up'ed my donation :)

chluaid responds:

thanks man :)


2011-08-10 17:01:43

@RicePirate: " If you'd like to pledge higher, but want to choose this reward, please feel free to do so"

Also that video was amazingly amazing :D

I would pledge but I don't have a credit card or anything.


2011-08-11 00:20:00

Yeah i Pledged 75$ I then read about the fact its only for 39$ers but yeah It sorta makes sense. :D


2011-08-11 01:52:09

NOooo... now everyone's gonna be awesome at effects. I'mma go out of business : O


2011-08-11 15:10:41

This is awesome. I hope to pledge soon.


2011-08-12 01:43:38



2011-08-17 03:54:44

You are one sexy old shit.
I want you to teech meh way of samuraiiiii

chluaid responds:

thank you. Indeed I am sexy and old and shit.


2011-09-07 00:32:36

I hope that surgery went well......

chluaid responds:

Thanks :)
hasn't happened yet though. Meeting surgeons on Oct 21.


2011-09-23 18:37:21

you shold make a happy ending for the brackenwood story were bity find's more of is kind keep up the good work (:


2011-09-25 23:33:26

How can I help out if I missed the kick starter campaign as I had no money then :/

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

If you're interested in learning FX, the course is open now


2011-09-28 01:26:16

Very nice. You're easily the most inspirational figure on NG and have been since you arrived. It's nice to see that extra bit of outreach to the community :) Best wishes, Mr. Phillips.

chluaid responds:

aw thanks :)


2011-11-15 12:53:25

Wow, that's neat. It's kinda weird seeing the actual face of the mind behind Brackenwood.

I did have a question, though. Is this course designed for people who already have some skill with the programs involved and animation in general, or is it meant to be accessible even to those who have little to no experience, and hope to use this as their first stepping stone?

Also, a little off-topic...I can't help but notice in the Last of the Dashkin description, you mentioned you wouldn't leave us high and dry for another two years, but, uh, as of the writing of this comment (November 15th, 2011) the two year mark is about a month away. Is the sequel to last of the Dashkin anywhere close to done, or is the game meant to be that sequel? Is the length of time since LotD a symptom of losing your sponsors for the Dashkin game? If so, it's understandable that your timetable would be knocked astray.

Thanks for the hard work you put into Brackenwood, it's always a treat, and always well worth the wait.

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

Yep the course is aimed at complete beginners, but we also have experienced animators in the membership. Even 3D people.. the head VFX guy at Blizzard Entertainment on WoW is actually doing my FX course :D

As for the delay, yes the sponsorship thing changed everything. If we had managed to finish the game on time it would have been before 2 years were up, but life happens and things get delayed unfortunately :/


2011-11-19 18:19:52

Am i too late to pledge? i would kill for the Brackenwood character sketchbook... will we be able to buy this book at a later stage?


2011-11-19 18:24:59

Another question the bca fx animation course will this be available to purchase at a later stage as a digital download? Your work has inspired me for years but dont have money till i start my job next year feb so would really love to do the course then.....

chluaid responds:

the course is available now and you can start it at any time. Re: your previous message, yeah the campaign is well and truly over, but I may sell some of the rewards later this year.


2011-12-05 22:09:07

wondering how long until someone finally makes an all out move on bitey if fred can get a movie this sure as hell can


2011-12-08 19:13:24

Hey, you alright? You must've gone through general anesthesia and the knife by now. Did they replace the valve or fix it?

chluaid responds:

all fixed now. Replaced the valve with a mechanical one. It ticks like a clock.


2012-01-01 22:30:31

I'll try, but I don't think I'll be able to manage it.
By the way, nice animations. Keep it up!


2012-01-29 10:21:34

Hey, out of curiosity, is the Dashkin project dead? Or am I being a total asshole by asking in the comments section of one of your videos?


2012-02-05 19:24:48

I'd donate but I'm having some financial problems myself


2012-02-09 16:26:31

he is a voice of a character from RedHand the animated stick figure series by Shayphis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012-02-10 06:18:49

Dam your good... do you do commissions?


2012-02-11 00:17:07

And so it was, Burnt Face Man was born again.... :3


2012-02-19 20:49:57

Oh man, I'm not gonna help but I can't wait for this game to be finished.


2012-03-12 20:55:01

How long would you estimate the next Brackenwood movie is released?


2012-05-09 08:50:20

OK seriously we need an update or something


2012-06-19 04:11:34



2012-06-22 09:10:30

Say whether you will continue the adventures of the Dashkin, jaestem interesting what will be next, and pozatym I do still Bitey is the last Dashin or not? Whether this sorceress che with him to fight, and if so who will win? Do you find that may have some brothers of the Bitey knows? And that will have your friends? Your last movie Lost in the Dashkin gives much to thinking, I will refer awaited comments, I greet!


2012-06-29 05:15:48

Please tell us when you will continue The Last Dashkin.....We must know what happens!!!!! ;-;

chluaid responds:

After the Brackenwood game, I'll be working bit by bit on the Bitey story. Most of my time these days is taken up by freelance so it's tough finding space in the day for my own stuff.


2012-07-05 11:47:30

Your pathetic ass just wants money,admit it.

You want our monaye from our parents for us to give to you.
You worked with disney and all that but YOU aren't working there now because of a reason YOU are not making money because of your own choice to work by yourself and munch off our money. get a REAL job. mofo

chluaid responds:

Bookmark this page so you can come back in 10 years and see what a bitch you were.


2012-07-19 08:41:55

he doesnt need a real job when he is that good at animating.... i would love to donate if that ment you would get back to the last of the dashkin... but even then i got no money...as a fan i just wanted to say pls make more and keep up the good work....


2012-07-30 21:28:31

Hahaha, I like th video XD


2012-07-31 17:14:24

man i am so sorry, but i'm broke and i'm 14 :(


2012-10-07 16:31:43

What's this surgery people are on about?
and sorry for all the ignorant twatty comments you're getting...


2012-10-21 17:24:58

:'( Please make another Bitey animation.


2012-11-27 21:14:20

Great to hear your heart surgery went well Adam, I hope to see more of your work in the future, always brilliant stuff.

chluaid responds:

Thanks Allam, the surgery was over a year ago now so everything's back to better than ever :D


2012-12-15 16:18:42

come on make the next biety

chluaid responds:



2013-01-07 09:28:20

thank you so much for making these vids! While each one revolves around a specific technique, it is also a great peek into the process of arguably the best animator on Newgrounds. Looking forward to watching all of them!


2013-01-07 09:28:21

thank you so much for making these vids! While each one revolves around a specific technique, it is also a great peek into the process of arguably the best animator on Newgrounds. Looking forward to watching all of them!


2013-01-29 23:46:44

i see you have enough people bitching at you telling you to make another movie so i think i'll just give my thoughts on your animation as a whole. Your movies are accurately described in the following adjectives. Beautiful, poetic, funny, joyful, powerful, emotional, tragic, and wondrous. you are a brilliant animator and it makes sense why Disney would want such a talented passionate individual. i'll play the game and i'll keep waiting for more of the world that brought happiness to many. take your time.


2013-03-17 07:15:48

Bitey will always be my favourite ungulate