Brackenwood sketchbook

2011-07-22 22:39:22 by chluaid

A 60-page Brackenwood character sketchbook is at the printers and we're charging through the funding milestones for Dashkin. Here's a video I made explaining how things. And stuff.

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Brackenwood sketchbook


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2011-07-22 22:45:57

Goddamn, best $300 bucks I ever spent (pending) ... passion meets talent ... we're behind you guys.

chluaid responds:

thanks man, hope you like your plush Bitey, t-shirt, sketchbook, music, downloadables, stickers, game testing, collector cards and special thanks credit :D


2011-07-22 22:51:11

If I had a job I definitely would have spared a few bucks for this.


2011-07-22 23:05:06

Sadly i have very little money to give...
i am not doing so well economically, but if you need anything in 3D wise, ill be more than happy to do so freely out of aiding you in any shape or form!

Best of luck to you chluaid, and in hopes that this project succeeds!


chluaid responds:

thank you :)


2011-07-22 23:05:25

I love you.

chluaid responds:

I love you too.


2011-07-22 23:06:57

Do you really need to use so many jump-cuts?

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

they're not jump cuts.. they're just editing out all my mistakes. I was quite drunk and rambled on for 16 mins. Had to edit it down to 3 mins.


2011-07-22 23:15:20

Oh no! The Dashkins are multiplying! Quick, we must exterminate them all except one to make him feel all alone and miserable just cause we're dicks.


2011-07-23 00:27:36

I'm positive this'll get kickstarted in no time. 25 or so days left and you're already halfway there!

chluaid responds:

Yep it's looking very promising. Today we went from 46% to 75% funded.


2011-07-23 03:18:56

Im behind you guys :3

chluaid responds:

cheeeeeers!! :D


2011-07-23 03:53:09

Very cool.. Someone already pledged $2500

chluaid responds:

yep and got my one and only Bitey mask. I'm gonna miss it!


2011-07-23 04:12:55

get a job <3


2011-07-23 04:17:13

If I wasn't so broke myself...

chluaid responds:

I know how that feels


2011-07-23 06:04:39

*donated* GO GO GO !!!!

chluaid responds:

thanks very much :D


2011-07-23 06:24:41

your Australian aren't you? When you say 11:31, do you mean in Australia time or U.S.A time?

chluaid responds:

that's US time actually, 11:31pm CDT


2011-07-23 09:25:27

Is there a way to get my money from paypal to that kickstart thing D:

Cuz I really want to give you guys some money...

chluaid responds:

yeah man we could work something out. If you can drop me a line through my contact form and let me know which reward you were after :


2011-07-23 18:19:52

I also love you.

chluaid responds:

and I love also you, too. The feelings of mutual love are also mutual and lovely.


2011-07-24 05:44:56

I'm giving you money because i want this to be the best game ever on newgrounds. I can't wait to see the finished project. I can only give $5 at the moment, but i will give more soon :)

chluaid responds:

every little bit helps us cross the finish line. Thanks for the support :D


2011-07-24 19:38:07

You were drunk at this time? Interesting. Are you ever drunk when you animate?

chluaid responds:

Sometimes, but rarely. I just downed a few shots of Bombay Sapphire when recording this because I kept fucking it up and getting angry at myself, so I needed to loosen it up a bit. The end result is therefore a bit sillier and more casual than I'd planned it to be.


2011-07-25 12:09:58

how much we need to give for that cute bitey doll :3

chluaid responds:

they're all sold out I'm afraid :D


2011-07-25 12:24:54

Aww geeze D: If only I had a job and wasn't saving up for Crysis 2 and Skyrim... Ah whell. That little clip of the game reminds me of Limbo, it was a good game... until I saw the spider X_X
Wait did you say wooden handcuffs? o.O I'll be buying this game for shure! And on all the h's it was from that whole cool whip thing from Family Guy, can't get it outta my head. Gl Hf

chluaid responds:

haha it never occurred to me that wooden handcarved sounds like wooden handcuffs :P


2011-07-26 00:38:30

I'm a skinflint artist with nowhere near the talent that you have and I wish you all the best with this.

Good luck and shame on the world if it doesn't work out.

chluaid responds:

thank you! Shame off the world cos we hit our goal :D


2011-07-28 12:51:19

Best 75 dollars i have spent this month (pending) I know you already reached your threshold but MEH thats what i think of your argument. I hope you make an awesome game i truly do .

chluaid responds:

Very much appreciated sir :)


2011-07-28 15:16:34

A few days ago I donated towards Your Dashkin game! Looking forward to being able to play it when it's finally done. Especially excited about the music download too :D
I've never given money over to anything before (charity / street tramp / sister) but I felt compelled to help You out with Your game. Brackenwood has been a favorite of Mine for a long time here on NG, and once Bitey hits out in playable form, He'll be my new favorite hero ever!

I think, once You've reeled in the success of Dashkin, and finished Our FEATURE LENGTH BRACKENWOOD MOVIE! You should look into creating a full on adventure game set within the Brackenwood universe!

Keep up the amazing work, You Legend.

p.s When will the biteycastle store be up and running? I wanna purchase Me a t-shirt!

chluaid responds:

Thanks so much for the pledge and the lovely paragraphs!
The BiteyCastle store is still being worked on, so I'll announce when things start to happen.


2011-07-29 04:53:52

oh god damn it, too bad im just a 16y old kid with no money or credit card, i swear i would donate over 2500$ but then again no money :(((((((((((( .
love your work adam, dont give up :D

chluaid responds:

I don't plan on giving up any time soon.. at least not until I can buy some sandwiches.


2011-07-29 06:15:07

I feel so bad for not being able to help donate. But you reached your goal anyways and I'm really glad that happened. I felt so bad for your cat. But I now I can sleep well at night knowing he has food to eat. I'm sorry I weren't able to donate, but I just want you to know that I'd gladly spend a few bucks towards this project if I were able to.

chluaid responds:

We reached our goal so I won't be angry at you now.
Just your moral support is enough :D


2011-07-30 00:24:12

I hope I don't sound too much like an interviewer, but what is your opinion on other indie games like Super Meat Boy and Castle Crashers?

chluaid responds:

their success is inspiring :)


2011-07-31 21:33:07

Pledged what I could :) Love the Irish music and love bitey :) Can't wait to play this game!

chluaid responds:

cheers! Thanks for the support :D


2011-08-03 07:14:00

Oh great. Run out of money just as something as awesome as this come out. Damn it!


2011-08-03 23:25:34

I want to give you the $9.31 I got, but it looks like you're not accepting paypal as a payment method.
That sucks.

chluaid responds:

That's a limitation of Kickstarter unfortunately. Thanks anyway.


2011-08-08 20:33:36

Are you really 81? If so, then... O_o


2011-11-20 11:50:14

Am i too late to pledge? i would kill for the Brackenwood character sketchbook... will we be able to buy this book at a later stage?

Another question the bca fx animation course will this be available to purchase at a later stage as a digital download? Your work has inspired me for years but dont have money till i start my job next year feb so would really love to do the course then.....


2012-01-26 12:07:18

ZOMG plushies and shirts!? i want them! O.O! and dude make a huge canvas/poster of the dashkin and other art in the Brackenwood, ur stuff is amazing! I'm def gonna save up for this!

OH NO! no food for the cat!? Everyone help pay for that cat! (and food for our animators of course)

wait damn im too late! gaaahhhhh.....tsk....kicks self* any other way of getting those items now? Ah well i'll make a pledge sometime anyways