Waterlollies on YouTube

2007-11-08 22:38:58 by chluaid

If you've been having trouble viewing Waterlollies at 25fps, you can now see it on YouTube:


Unfortunately the quality isn't anywhere near what I'd like it to be but hey, that's YouTube I guess. My SWF to Video capture software also drops the occasional frame but all things considered, it's not bad at all. Feel free to embed and share it :)


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2007-11-09 01:51:20

Very cool. I don't know why, but animation always seems so much more impressive when watched on YouTube.

chluaid responds:

that YouTube version of Waterlollies has a bit of frame-skipping here and there, so some of the really nice singles animation is lost. I'll update YouTube with a better version soon anyway.


2007-11-09 01:52:54

I've noticed, in your responses to people not liking bitey's outlook on life, that you keep saying something is going to happen to him that changes that. Is this going to be the plot of an upcoming brackenwood adventure? Maybe in the movie?

P.S. Outstanding work, by the way. I can't believe you do this using flash.

chluaid responds:

thanks for the feedback.. can't really tell you anything about upcoming stories but needless to say, I'm a bit sick of my scores suffering because of the stories, so the next thing I submit to NG is going to be bullet-proof and rock solid :)


2007-11-09 16:24:04

I'd say it looks just as good. The amazing animation's all still there.

Great work anyways.


2007-11-09 17:26:53

AH MAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Why is the score dropping?!?!? Who the hell is voting 0 all the time! It went from 4.79 to 4.76 and now 4.74!


2007-11-10 00:42:34

the score-dropping has been happening a lot lately it's mostly people who like Tankmen Voting zero cause they want it to be number one same thing happened in sonic Nazo Unleashed , but eventually this'll get a lot of votes and those cunts really won't be able to affect the score much

chluaid responds:

yeah same thing happens with every movie on NG though.. haters vote it down and fans 5 it every day. I reckon a good indicator is the score 1 year later.

If you noted the score of every movie that's been in the top 50 for a year or more, it'd be interesting to see the rankings. There's a point at which the weight of numbers shows the true score.


2007-11-10 03:27:22

youtube really need to lessen the blurryness of their stewf.


2007-11-10 06:17:44

i came, nuff said.


2007-11-10 15:35:59

I love you, seriously. You're the best.


2007-11-10 16:19:28

oh yeah, ive been meaning to ask you something, how do you make your movies look so crips? when i make movies they seem to look alot messier, do you use the pencil tool, the brush, i know you use a wacom, which is probably part of why it looks neater, since im stuck with a stone age trust tablet, how long do you spend on each frame?

chluaid responds:

yep I use the brush. I draw with the smoothing (in the Properties panel) set to 20. Then, when I've finished the entire drawing and filled it with the paint bucket, I optimise it to smooth it out. Modify > Shape > Optimize.

It makes the line work look nice and smooth, and it also lowers the file size by 70% at least.


2007-11-10 23:55:42

so do you make all these episodes using flash? the art is simply amazing.

chluaid responds:

thanks! Yep it's all Flash.


2007-11-11 07:52:11

Out of interest, are you still working on an animation help book?

I'd like to know some dates and stuff, cause it's something i'd like to buy.

chluaid responds:

no that book was cancelled. I finished and delivered my part of the book, and I was in author-review stage (where the editor requests changes), but my co-author got busy on other stuff and O'Reilly decided to can it. Bit of a shame really, I was thinking about buying back my chapters from them (cos they paid me for the work I'd done) so that I can release them on my site... a bit outdated now, as I was writing it back when Flash 8 first came out.


2007-11-11 09:49:17

You have talent man. Your flashes r amazing. How long did it take you to do your masterpieces?

chluaid responds:

anywhere between 8 and 14 weeks, depending on the complexity of the movie. Waterlollies was 12 weeks or so.


2007-11-11 16:37:19

If you don't leave a response, I'll be very sad.

chluaid responds:

cheer up.


2007-11-11 19:46:51

Hey, been a fan of your video's. Thought I should writte to ya directly instead of posting comments on your 4 clips lol. First off, I love the creativity and unique style of your characters, there personalities are unque also. The music is really good. And the mood set in your video's are joyfull to watch, no over the top action, no sexual contents, no surprise appearance of celebreties. Its just unique, like a J.R.R Tolken Lord of the rings. So in other words I should say I give you my hat on your unique video. It deserves A big 11 out of 10.

Good job really, keep it up. Lata

chluaid responds:

thanks mate :D


2007-11-12 12:12:57

You saythat you are a bit sick of your scores suffering because of the story's. waterlollies has the highest score i have ever seen, with a better story i don't know what it will be like !!. well, hopefully you will get a nice score of 5 (untill someone gets jealous and gives it a 0 (those idiots annoy me)). good luck.


2007-11-12 12:18:15

It has gone down from 4.79 to 4.69.... what the hell is going on... what the HELL!? Seriously man, I think the NG guys bring it down cuz this is just too high.. there can't really be THAT much ppl that hate your movies? I mean comon... 0.10 down.. that means that every day like 50 ppl vote 0... IMPOSSIBLE!


2007-11-12 15:12:01

I've read people commenting on how Bitey's a jerk, but if you think about since this is the wild animals kind of have to fend for themselves and not think about others.


2007-11-12 16:19:36

I like the youtube version for the fact that I can watch your awesome flick full-screen. Im still amazed by the great character designs you create, they are so different but fitting into the brackenwood story/world (eg. that random bottom feeder that bitey swam by when escaping the hornets). Anyway, great stuff =)


2007-11-12 21:47:09

How do you do all this? Its amazing! and in prowlies at the river (sorry if i messpeld it) you said that ther ewas a url to do the camra? And you animation is so good i gave every one a 10/10. I wish it would go higher.

chluaid responds:

thanks for the tens :)
The URL for the vCam is on the 'Quality Select' screen of Prowlies. Hover your mouse over the fuzzy white bugs and you'll see a link, which you can copy and paste.


2007-11-12 23:58:21

hey Adam i saw your response about the Cintiq tablet thing. Is that a tablet PC sort of like this?


if so, since that's a computer and tablet in one, you could probably just sell your tablet and computer now and just get that. I'm asking for one myself for christmas :)

chluaid responds:

A Cintiq is a monitor that has tablet functionality built in so you can draw on it, but it's not a computer in itself. Tablet PCs are awesome for portability, but the monitor/tablet area is quite small like a laptop, so I think I'd only really use it for doing animation on a long flight or train trip.


2007-11-13 11:37:14

oh yeah , those tablet moniters are what the people at the simpsons use, i was trying to remember the name, cintiqs, cus i saw it on some making of the simpsons thing, that'd be really handy.


2007-11-13 14:12:58

Hey man It's me again thx for answering me and yah 1 year later the score is where it was supposed to be , but really it's all the Tankmen Fanboys when Sonic Nazo unleashed cam out it got downvoted to 4.12 anything else that gets close also gets downvoted.

Also I think you should release the 30 days 30 shorts here.
it would be awesome.

Also I had this Idea to make a big interactive Castle where you go into certain rooms to watch certain movies i.e.Waterlollies or Yuyu ect.
And if you used an external loader the size would only be like 2 mb.
You could call it bitey castle it could have all your work in it and maybe a special toon at the top room where you are :)
Well if you think that's a good idea then PM me if you need help with the External loading


2007-11-13 16:12:45

as answer toy our question on newgrounds. i just could not feel the movie and it just did not make me into it though it was good i just did not feel it so therefore i couldnt connect so i did not like it


2007-11-13 17:44:17

Waterlollies was amazing! Perfect screengrab by the way lol.


2007-11-14 14:40:52

Every time i post on a userpage with a lack of sleep i look like an idiot ...


2007-11-14 14:53:17

hello philips. hey I love your movies, and since you are responding to all comments I was wondering if you would respond this one.
see. I loved the yuyu, in particular. and I was hoping you could give me the audio file you used in it. just for pleasure and ipode hearing. Im not planning to use it on a flash.


2007-11-14 16:32:53

your skills are getting better. I just wish I could be as you, I want to ask you some questions: number 1: is ther going to be another movie and if yes, when? number 2: where did you get the idea for the whole of brakenwood? and the last question
question 3: why are you too good!! its getting on my nerves!!


2007-11-14 19:45:27

Can I be in your "Contact List"? I would really like to talk to you :)


2007-11-16 02:05:43

your movies are terrible!! terribly awesome! ;D


2007-11-16 12:48:33

I was just looking at waterlollies, and the two reviews shown were both saying that it was bad... i can't believe it, there has been no better animation from flash that i have seen ......


2007-11-16 20:24:05

it dosnt matter about the quality ,you do your best on each episode and it looks amazing


2007-11-17 01:52:48

The youtube makes the artwork slightly pixely when watched on you tube and takes away from the fantastic art you've drawn. Hey, the 9 by 11 tablet has a screen on the tablet right? All i have is 4 by 6 wacom.

p.s. my friend and I were ripping are hair out until W.L. came out.


2007-11-17 08:31:29

another question lol: on that transdermal celebration music video you made, is that how brackenwood started?


2007-11-17 17:59:20

I think the story in transdermal celebration and brackenwood are completely unrelated ( unless adam says otherwise )


2007-11-18 00:41:14

Bask in your (digital) golden metals Adam Phillips, bask.lol great works. Waterlollies is no exception :)


2007-11-18 06:14:47

Though I doubt there is any pont I may as well try anyways, allow me to introduce myself, I am Skylar Pepau, many of my friends and associates call me Sergei. I was watching your videos, which has compeled me to write this, and if your hands are not full you may find it interesting to contact me.

I am here on Newgrounds as Carova, but my personnel Email is skylar.pepau@hotmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you, reguardless of wreather or not you are interested.
Thank you for taking the time to read this

Sergei Danilov


2007-11-18 17:15:55



2007-11-18 19:20:36

I thought that image quality was inferior to be sure although the image was seen by YouTube. However, I think that the world which you draw is so very wonderful that it is compensated. Especially, he feels fineness for expression of a feeling of air, depiction of water surface waterdrop, depiction of action, various kinds of special effects, and each work, and admires them truly. It respects.
Please prize the body from now on and strive for manufacture.


2007-11-20 18:37:15

i'm a young flash creator, that dreams one day i'll create amazing flashs for everyone to enjoy. You have captured my heart with your amazing flashs, i much know you are very busy and may not want to spend any time reading my message, but if you do consider to read, may you please anwser my few questions. First i wish to know what program you use to create your flashs, i much know it must be flash media, but is there a more advanced program that you use? question 2, do you use a drawing board. As i mean one of those boards you connect to your computer, so you can draw by, one the board, instead of mouse work. Those are all the questions i will ask, because i do not wish to bother you even more then i have, i am guesses that you may get many messages with questions.
I'd much appreciate a reply, so one day i can fill one's heart with wonder,
p.s. i hope i'm not harrassing you with this message.


2007-11-21 11:34:42

this is newgrounds, you dont need fancy talk! i can answer those questions:

#1 for all his movies so far he used adobe flash ( www.adobe.com ) but i beleive he is now using toonboom digital pro.

#2 the "drawing board" is called a tablet, and he uses a Wacom Intuos 3, 9x12, (which is a good one)


2007-11-22 21:17:03

hey just curious but why is your level so low.:)


2007-11-24 10:42:09

Oh, now I feel a bit better.



2007-11-25 07:33:41

Hey nice one for putting it on youtube! However if you want your movie in amazing quality and at 25fps for everyone to enjoy put it on stage6.com you'll have to render it out as a very high quality DivX file but I'm sure flash is capable of that. Just an idea as it would look incredible full screen!


2007-11-27 17:16:54

where can i download the song for the yu-yu?


2007-11-28 17:27:37

Ugh, Youtube, streaming at it's worst. Plus, Waterlollies has great graphics, I'd rather just break my computer than view it at that quality.


2007-11-28 22:13:17

OMG Adam you're 5 Exp Points from level 4! Go go go go go!

Also I've noticed an increase in detail with each new Brackenwood tale. The environments are amazingly well done. Keep doing what you're doing!
tl;dr: I worship you. :D


2007-11-29 09:03:42

Watrlollies is cool ! Have you got a idea for next Part ?


2007-11-29 13:52:44

waterlollies is great :D


2007-12-02 04:57:31

<3 For you Adam, nice animation. JUST PUT A STORY LINE SO I CAN GIVE IT A 10 AS IT DESERVES!


2007-12-03 17:51:47

i really like the brackenwood videos there really good :)