2 days

2007-11-03 06:17:29 by chluaid

OK sure it's been a month since my last post but Waterlollies is ready to submit pending one tiny addition. If that one little thing holds me up I'll submit it to NG, regardless.

To everyone who offered their support no matter how long the wait, thanks for your patience. I hated having to set estimated dates, only to see them go by as Waterlollies experienced further delays. It was (still is) pretty painful getting abusive emails, as if people thought I was sitting on my arse doing fuck all.

The fact is that having other contributors to the project meant that I could only set realistic dates for my own part of the work. So I worked hard getting all of the backgrounds, animation and effects done, putting the movie together and fine-tuning the flow of the story. For the other parts (scripting and audio) I could only encourage those artists to finish quickly, then step back and hope they would.

The important thing is that it's finished now and I hope you find that it's been worth the wait. Nathan McCree (the music guy) worked very hard on this. He's done amazing work as I knew he would. The music and the sound of Brackenwood is incredible and it adds so much to the animation. I'm very happy with the movie visually, audiblibabally and I'm also pretty happy with the story.

Speaking of story, I recently slapped my forehead as I came to the realisation that there's a difference between story telling and story writing. I do know how to tell a story well, but my story writing still needs work. I think this is why hitchHiker leaves a lasting impression. At its heart is a fantastic, gripping true story and I told it well.

My average Brackenwood movie however, the story is generally not as refined as it could be. So no matter how great the visuals, until I get my shit together the story will always seem a little lacking. There's been some positive and some negative response to Waterlollies story, but all in all I think it's better than previous Brackenwoods.

So I've invented a new motto: At the heart of a good story there's a good story.

See you in a couple of days!

2 days


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2007-11-03 06:23:41

Two days until another masterpiece is released? Sounds fair enough to me :) Your work is always fantastic, but as you say lacking a story at places. I can't even imagine what this animation is going to hold. Whatever it is I'm looking forward to it.

I wish you the best of luck with the score and awards that follow with it but obviously that's not what animating is about, it's just an extra.

Also, on one final note... Waterlollies? I'm intrigued.



2007-11-03 06:33:56

The wait will be well worth it. It also means that it will come out on my birthday, :)


2007-11-03 06:45:49

I can't wait :D

I'm sure it's gonna be brilliant.


2007-11-03 06:45:49



2007-11-03 06:47:47

I've been checking everywhere, looking to find SOMEWHEREit's been posted by you, but to no avail.

And now, a two day, and the wait is all over.

Congrats Adam, congrats.


2007-11-03 07:03:57

"At the heart of a good story there's a good story." Eh?
My mottos alway been "Make every flash better then the last... Unless I'm drunk." lol But seriously. I'm lookin' forward to it. As is the other 1 million + poeples. :P


2007-11-03 07:09:04

pppttt who cares. With visuals like that you could be making a stick fight movie and it would still reach number one on newgrounds.


2007-11-03 07:25:24

I can't wait, 2 days and it will be released!

There's nothing that i can add, only that I can't wait!



2007-11-03 07:43:07

Nooo... Why on monday? :'( Can't you submit it on sunday so I can be one of the first to see it... Haha.

But seriously though, great news, I can't wait.

chluaid responds:

well it's possible.. my Monday (Sydney Australia) is your Sunday (assuming you're on the other side of the world) :D


2007-11-03 07:52:02



2007-11-03 07:54:10

I'm really wondering how that audio sounds- but sure as hell I want to see the movie itself even more

Gongrats on finishing! :D


2007-11-03 08:07:10

I have'nt actually been able to watch this due to the fact my computer cant keep up with the blurs and what not, will there be a youtube version soon?

chluaid responds:

yeah, sooner or later it'll be on YouTube. I'll probably update my author comments or post an announcement here when I do.


2007-11-03 08:36:09

yay! I can't wait! but two days, that's fair.


2007-11-03 08:38:57

I can't wait. Cheers for the info Adam.


2007-11-03 09:04:38

Should be exciting!
I haven't heard of this till now. =P
I'm glad I wasn't waiting then! =D


2007-11-03 09:15:09

I dont care how long I have to wait to see a new Bitey ep its always worth it and im never disappointed


2007-11-03 09:29:46

Do you know what's the best?
That today, I will go away from home, to a house with no computer.
And I come back in two days!

That means that when I come back, Waterlollies will be there, waiting for me in the frontpage!


2007-11-03 09:32:40

My heart goes out to you for those emails you got, but it's fantastic to know that Waterlollies will be here in a matter of days! Here's hoping to you that it gets good reception.


2007-11-03 09:44:34

man im stocked for waterlollies. but i cant belive people are banging on you for not finishing sonner.


2007-11-03 09:59:07

oowh man, just 2 days?
I seriously can't wait for this to be released.

Your work is amazing, and you always inspired me.
I just know, for a fact, and by looking at that screenshot, that this movie is going to be amazing.

I'll definitely check the portal 24/7 now.


2007-11-03 10:25:06

Adam, when bitey hits dirt at the camera, it disappears on the last frame. Might wanna fix er'

chluaid responds:

yeah I thought that caught my eye a couple of times too.. it could be a bug though cos it's all sitting properly on the timeline. Maybe the blur on the camera dirt doesn't have time to render before the scene cuts.


2007-11-03 10:27:08

Oh my, I would be so nervous if I were you!
Plagued by computer crashes and possible viruses, causing you to lose that flash of yours would cause me to go insaaaaane.

Oh and much love to your sis, who does some of the voices, I think :)

chluaid responds:

nah it's safely backed up in about 50 places :D

I've always been nervous about losing data towards the end of a project, and towards the end of Waterlollies, whenever I went out of the house I wore my USB drive around my neck and never let the latest backup out of my sight.

Always having dreams about a house-fire too, so I send my latest .FLA to my gmail account every week or so.


2007-11-03 10:34:19

Sweet it comes out on my birthday THAnKS FOR THE PRESENT :D


2007-11-03 10:47:54

It will rain awards on that movie


2007-11-03 10:49:25

Shouldn't take the abusive emails to heart dude, no-one has the right to rush you.


2007-11-03 11:02:39

as soon as i see it ill 5 it!


2007-11-03 11:27:09

*Insert cock sucking comment here*


2007-11-03 11:28:45

Haha, it looks like you have a ton of support here. :)

Can't wait to see it.


2007-11-03 12:01:27

Oh, those bubbles were the waterlollies?


2007-11-03 12:07:14

you got ABUSIVE mail just because it was delayed? thats bullshit! who cares how long it takes, id wait as long as it takes, cus ure so great :D!


2007-11-03 12:43:07

it was very good


2007-11-03 12:49:36

I can't wait to see it.

I'm sorry that you had to get those abusive emails, kids are retarded.


2007-11-03 12:52:29

Hot damn, I'm excited.


2007-11-03 12:56:33

Cant wait till its released :D


2007-11-03 13:50:30

Just watched it; brilliant work.

I look forward to your next piece, eagerly.

@Abusive emailers: Don't be such cocks, he works hard, fast and better than you ever could, so shut up and grow up.


2007-11-03 15:22:04

that guy ^ just said he'd watched it, how did he watch it?

chluaid responds:

I released a preview for my forum members, and to answer your question below, yep it's now one movie.. 13MB, 9 minutes.


2007-11-03 15:29:42

wait, i remember waht i was going to ask now, are you submitting part A, B and C all in the same day, or over a period of time? or are they just packed into a huge file?


2007-11-03 16:28:05

Just like to say:

.This is an amazing movie, your best so far and was worth the wait.
. The banner at the top of this page is also amazing, nice one!


2007-11-03 16:49:00

Dude, I know what you mean about backing up your work. I get so paranoid about losing my Flash that I open them up in notepad and memorize the machine language.

Just kidding, of course! I can't wait to see Waterlollies!!! It's going to be epic, that's for sure.


2007-11-03 17:34:44

i keep coming back to ure page and i dont know whyyyyyyy!


2007-11-03 20:57:30

WHAT?! another terrible stick movie by Adam? pfft I'm over you...

chluaid responds:

if I ever make a stick movie, you'll be the first to see it :D


2007-11-03 23:25:43

Nice Job on the series adam but how soon do you think brackenwood will come out in youtube because some of our Brand name electrtonic appliances Come from a company Called Gateway


2007-11-04 00:27:27

I wander what a stick movie made by you would be like : D (saw senior-twinkies comment). I also wander if brackenwood fans would scream about it though.

additionally it makes me sick to hear people treating guys like crap by sending hate mail and abusive comments, its like they own you or something. kinda shows me the negative side of popularity, I'm very happy being a no namer for now : D


2007-11-04 01:21:37

<3 yay


2007-11-04 01:22:30

Hey man i am sooo happy to hear you say its finally all compete. i couldnt understand why people wanted to rush waterlollies along and complain that it wasn't there. every time you said it was going to be delayed i actually prefered it because it meanr that the greatness of brackenwood wasn't going to be rushed.

i expect to sit down some day and see bitey on the TV, your work by far is the best animation on NG and any other flash sites on the Web. it is just a joke even to try to contemplate how you animate and do it all yourself! untill i saw a few brackenwood stories and read you blog thing i thought that it was at least 12 people working on different scenes at one time; seriously.. the quality of your work is unparrallelled.

seeing your work is what inspires me to try to make my flashes better!

all in all man, its great to hear that Waterlollies is finished. i myself have ben loking forward to it since last july or around there. and i know that you dont rally care about what score it gets, but i seriosuly belive that Waterlollies is goin to be the first 5.00 on newgrounds. before i even click ' view this movie' its getting a strait 5/5 from me!!

see ya!


2007-11-04 04:32:14

Much better story telling in this one.
Had a moral 'n everything.


2007-11-04 04:43:51

oh wow, its so awesome! (i wish my crappy computer didnt lag so much but hey its still awesome!) i love at the end how the bigfoot is just standin there like wtf?! this is gonna be #1 for a loooooong time, but you should put it on youtube for us crappy computees lol.


2007-11-04 06:15:00

oh wow, i found a way to stop it lagging, all i did was pause it on the part where bitey grabs the green thing right at the start, then when that movie clip had finished i played it again and it didnt lag once! computers work in strange ways it seems.


2007-11-04 06:15:29

oh wow, i just said "oh wow" 3 times in a row o_O


2007-11-04 11:29:14

i am a really big fan of your work,the writing is well to my opinion,enleast your skills are better than that from recent writingstaff from pixar(ratattouie,cars and bugs life for a excample)