3-hr Dashkin screen capture

2010-02-09 19:44:23 by chluaid

When I was making LotD, I captured my entire frame-by-frame rough animation process on one of the last scenes.
It's a 33-part video series with messy, unscripted 'thinking-out-loud' voice over, taking you through the process from rough animation to full colour cleanup. The first video is below, but the complete playlist is here on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoy playing with knives.

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2010-05-08 16:47:27

Adam, i have questions, what inspires you to make such an awesome series like this, do you think you could make a Water Effect tutorial, and are you still trying to make the feature film?

chluaid responds:

I've got a new livestreaming channel, where I'm doing FX demonstrations, like water, etc. Yep I'm still working on the feature film with my co-writer. It's a fair way off though.. long way to go.


2010-05-08 20:49:46

By the way, I was surprised Dashkin didn't take home the tank. Did you expect to win? =0 I just want to do a quick ego check, do you think that you're the best animator on Newgrounds? I think the only thing I've seen that competes with Brackenwood is probably "Katan", but that didn't have the same "realistic" feeling, though it could be argued that the style was different.

Never loved Tarboy, but I'm not such a huge fan of this series either. I was rooting for "Jerry: the End" with its satirical sarcasm, I don't know why, I knew it was never going to win. =(

By the way, 36-48 HOURS STRAIGHT?!! How is that possible??? I don't know if it's 5-hour energy or lots and lots of coffee, but either way that stuff is really bad for you. =0

chluaid responds:

I didn't expect the win, but I hoped for it. Tarboy totally deserved the Tank IMO


2010-05-09 10:14:03

what kind of knives do you like? i mean, throwing knives, kitchen knives, stabbing knives, kunai like knives, bread knives, butter knives... i'm just curious, cuz i like throwing knives =D
also, those videos are really inspiring, gives hope for no talents like me to perhaps one day spawn a decent movie, thanks alot!

chluaid responds:

Anything that has an appealing design. I mostly like a practical blade - none of that curvy, spiky, movie-style stuff.


2010-05-13 11:57:42

Looks great, I haven't thought of the camera perspective before. But are you doing this change of the cameras angle per tween oder are you creating frames by your own for that?


2010-05-13 21:55:35

when is your next animation coming out or are you done making movies?

oh, and are you going to do some art for the art portal?

chluaid responds:

haven't found time to submit to the art portal yet but the Dashkin sequel is in the works.


2010-05-21 16:29:57

Lol at "Usseless narrator mode"


2010-05-27 11:38:44

that looks so cool i always wondered how you got that effect and i want to try using that camra moving around the main charater in a flash im trying to make im not really that good at trying to make a flash


2010-06-04 12:13:22

Hey Adam great work.. These Brackenwood animations are just so kewl!!!!
One question: What do you use to draw? A tablet pc?

chluaid responds:

Wacom tablet.. mine's a 9x12 Intuos 3


2010-06-06 07:02:48

I'm guessing you don't have a lot of time on your hands, so I'll keep it short for your benefit. I'm 18, just got CS4 to use as a hobby. Totally suck at drawing with the damn mouse. Do you use a graphics tablet to animate?
I love your work. It's pure brilliance! You are a man of unearthly talent!

chluaid responds:

yep graphics tablet. Thanks for the feedback.. glad you like :)


2010-06-06 11:22:22

Hi! TLotD was beyond amazing! isit true there will be a film? is so when?

chluaid responds:

Can't say when cos I have no idea really. It's a notoriously long process that's measured in years. We're still in the very early stages of writing so it'll be a long road.


2010-06-11 15:26:39

I'm really excited for the continuation of the Bitey series! I'm going insane with anticipation. Please keep coming out with stuff. I love your work. ~a fan.

chluaid responds:

Thanks :)


2010-06-14 00:58:49

Hey man! I must say, your Bitey series is genius. You've created a beautiful work of art with a great story that's also incredibly addictive. I like the concept of Bitey; the lonely trickster who only sometimes gets away with things, but he's not a badass (sorry if the language offends). It's a very creative world that you've made, and I really respect how you stride away from the norm. I hope you create many more episodes to the story of Bitey.

chluaid responds:

Thanks for the message! Plenty more Brackenwood stories to come :)


2010-06-20 02:45:54

Hey, I've been watching your animations since pretty much the beginning. I gotta say out of all the things I've seen on newgrounds I'd have to say that yours is the most unique I've seen so far. I love your animation style and think you have an amazing hand for art. I'm sure you get these all the time, but I'd just like to let you know you have some amazing fans, no point in having them if none of them really understand, right? lol. Anyways, I was curious as to who wrote the theme for your animations and plays them. or do you create it yourself? either way, I think you do a great job presenting it in your animation. Also, I was slightly curious if you could maybe even help teach me some flash? I've done some basic stuff in my technology class at school but, I never really had someone sit down and teach me it. But I would love to become a more active member to newgrounds, and submit some of my own flash to the portal. . . But, you know I've sent PMs before but never seem answered. Anyways, I was also wondering how far you are on the next part of your series, I am ever so anxiously waiting.
Your Fan,

chluaid responds:

the music is created after I've finished the animation. In the early Brackenwood movies I did the music myself, but now I pay professionals to do it.

I get a lot of requests for Flash tuition but I can't personally help everyone, which is why I created the BiteyCastle Academy page with Flash and ToonBoom lessons. Check it out on my site ;)


2010-06-20 13:56:00

You look like the kind of guy who would be into this comic.

chluaid responds:

nice art. I'll check it out. Thanks!


2010-06-20 14:08:40

Hey I recognize that comic! I hear some people in the forums need a good animator and/or artist

also just for the sake of staying on topic: Love the demo, little rough, but it was really insightful on your art style

chluaid responds:

the beginnings of a scene are usually a little rough X)


2010-06-25 19:26:06

Dude your my inspiration Man!!!

chluaid responds:



2010-06-30 21:40:38

I love your animations, and I'd really like to know if there is another Bitey in the works. I would, along with thousands of others, love to see another.

chluaid responds:

yep there's another in the works. It's too big for Flash though.


2010-07-09 19:18:54

Upload the rest of the capture, just skip the ones that are corrupted.

chluaid responds:

yeah I'll get around to it some day


2010-07-11 19:53:03

I have watched all your Bitey vids 1st of well done your work is incredible and imaginative and i cant wait to see the next one but watching your videos Ive got only 3 questions abought it.

1) How fast can Bitey Go? Whats his top speed? 100mph 200mph 500mph?

2) Why is he called Bitey He doesn't exactly ever use his teeth on anyone yet all the wild animals supposedly call him this ( i would have called him speedy Gonzales)

3) Not to be pushy but how far are you so far on your latest work? when will the next video be out a month or 2?

Anyways Really like the work and i hope that it entertains thousands more.

chluaid responds:

1) 10 billion light years per second
2) In the language of wild creatures, 'Bitey' is the rough translation of something dangerous with teeth. We've seen him eat live fish in LotD.
3) Quite a long way off. A few months yet.. it's a big one.


2010-07-12 01:52:48



2010-07-21 10:44:34

hey this is off topic but u should make a bitey game

chluaid responds:

google BrackenSack :D


2010-07-24 01:13:40

I would just like to say that even though you are such an awesome animator superstar, you still find time to respond to the majority of people commenting. I admire that. Can't wait for more Bitey and Brackenwood!

chluaid responds:

thanks! Sometimes it takes me a while to respond to everyone, but I read and appreciate all the feedback.


2010-08-20 20:37:43

nice work

chluaid responds:



2010-08-21 13:13:53

You are one of the greatest flashers i have ever seen in my life :D
and your idea for bitey is just marvelous! what ever happened to you and disney did you quit?

chluaid responds:

yeah I quit Disney because my site was becoming popular enough to pay for itself. I wanted to see if I could work on it full time to pay me an income.


2010-08-24 14:57:04

Man, seriously. You are not a flash user. You are an artist. I imagine how good of a short film this would be. Have you ever considered making one for Sundance or another film festival? No doubt it would win at least a couple of awards.

chluaid responds:

Thanks! Yeah I tried the festival circuit for a few years.. it's just so much messing about for very little gain. Especially if you go to all the trouble of preparing a submission in all the right formats, filling out the forms, mailing the submission materials, etc.. then you don't get selected. It's the biggest morale crash - and to do that for every single film festival. ugh. I grew tired of it very quickly. Haven't submitted anything to any film festivals for years now.


2010-09-08 17:55:52

I gotta learn.


2010-09-08 23:57:07

http://nayhan.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/452020

chluaid responds:



2010-09-09 18:57:11

Man.. your animation are amazing..
You do really animate pretty well
Smart character
Charismatic too
Have more about the "satyr" (is this its name?)

I became your fan

chluaid responds:

he's a dashkin, which you could say is a satyr-like creature ;)


2010-09-22 03:39:36

xD your awesome!! and so is Bitey

chluaid responds:

tyvm X)


2010-09-26 16:16:10

I never knew you lived in Australia...thats awesome, and I also saw you on Team Fortress 2 once.

Happy flash animating :D

chluaid responds:

Thanks! Add me - Steam name: _chluaid


2010-09-27 02:46:03

Is the new one almost done!? I can't wait much longer. :(

chluaid responds:

sorry you'll have to wait a bit longer. The sequel is 14 mins long. Going to take months to finish


2010-09-30 15:30:15

The man. The legend. The voice!

Very cool to see actually see you your work behind the source. Your videos are always so inspirational and educational.

When's the next Dashkin story coming out?

chluaid responds:

Hopefully before the end of the year


2010-10-07 18:43:09

Hey Adam, how would Bitey look like if he shaved his head?

chluaid responds:

Pretty weird, I imagine. All pale pink with big eyes and teeth.


2010-10-18 00:31:43

Adam, Im sure you probably get tired of people telling you how amazing you are...but ill tell you anyway. YOUR AMAZING!
ive followed all your work, all your posts, and even all your interviews.
And to think you probably wouldnt be doing this if you hadnt gotten hurt at your factory job...makes me want to cry.
I bought flash CS4 after watching waterlollies for the first time, 2 years ago. Ive been animating ever since, and have since upgraded to CS5. Ive been pursuing a career as a graphic designer, but everyday i get more and more convinced that I would rather animate.
I just wanted to say thankyou.
If you never created Brackenwood, I may have never found myself. You are, and will continue to be, an inspiration to us all


2010-10-18 19:00:54

I'm going to come clean and admit that you're the best animator on the site, I can't even begin to imagine how long it took you to make each of your animations. All I can say is that I shall support you on your future animations so good luck and keep up the damn fine art, it's oscar worthy, we all know it ;)


2010-10-20 14:33:27

ha! your not 80 silly!


2010-10-23 15:59:54

Are you really 80 years old? That's good.


2010-10-27 21:12:11

lool ur awsum


2010-11-04 01:38:25

chluaid, I don't know if you are still active here or not. I tried to PM you months ago, but it said you had your box blocked or something along those lines. Any how, eventually, I 'm going to put a collab together featuring the best flash artists that NG has to offer; you were the first person I could think of. This collab will use Bitey and maybe some of the other creatures of Brackenwood. Please, if you're interested, PM me for more.


2010-11-13 01:16:05

i have been a fan of yours for many years ^_^, including my younger brother. I heart you lol, love your work


2010-11-14 05:06:38

somones made a flash,or 2 that were HIGHLY...disrespectful


2010-11-19 21:09:11

Interesting watch, nice to see how you do your flash it helps ^^


2010-11-24 03:41:36

I can't wait to watch these after I get that medal for watching Africa Dudes 3 times in a row. Son of a fuckin bitch whore ass-faced shit nuts eyes nose legs hair....


2010-11-24 14:39:51

please make more dashkin moves i wont to se more of them :D :D :D :D i have wanna se what that wich or something is and i wanna se if there are still some dashkin left PLEASE!!!!!! MAKE MORE =D


2010-11-27 05:30:28

Hi Chluaid. I was hoping for Bitey will continue. I mean I am very happy that Bitey was continuing. Do you have a specific time when Bitey will come out and play? I know it will take long but I am refashioning my mind. I can almost remember word of word with Bitey's adventures. I don't mean to creep you out. It's just that, I have watch Bitey and his adventures a lot. Is there a specific time you get on?


2010-12-14 20:27:23

just out of curiosity, how wuld u go about making a female dashkin? its a rather overused idea but maybe add a female that runs into him in the series sometime/eventually and see what effect it goes off to. if you're interested i can make a prototype character for the female


2010-12-18 20:35:08

Hey!! this was posted on my birthday. :)

Random i know


2010-12-21 15:41:52

Well, I want to start making flash cartoons, but I do need a little help. I was wondering how you can make the back round a specific color for a couple frames and then change it the next. Also if it isn't to much to ask for. Tips on how to use flash and how to make great cartoons like you have. You are a great artist and I apologize if this seems a little rude of me asking for your help.

Keep up the great work, Eugenio Rojas.


2010-12-27 00:19:54

-pokes- u still alive buddy? If so groan......


2011-01-05 15:47:27

Are you dead or something? I only ask because there's been no updates on The next film/animation in a looong time.