3-hr Dashkin screen capture

2010-02-09 19:44:23 by chluaid

When I was making LotD, I captured my entire frame-by-frame rough animation process on one of the last scenes.
It's a 33-part video series with messy, unscripted 'thinking-out-loud' voice over, taking you through the process from rough animation to full colour cleanup. The first video is below, but the complete playlist is here on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoy playing with knives.

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2010-02-09 19:50:38

awesome. i will watch/listen now. thanks so much for this.


2010-02-09 20:06:23

your voice reminds me of NPR. You have a very calming, relaxing voice, one which I would not like to listen to for hours, but is good for the time being.


2010-02-09 20:21:12

hey do you have a msn?

chluaid responds:

sorry no I don't use IM at all (except Skype for work only)


2010-02-09 20:21:23

Hey what do you use for desktop video capture?

chluaid responds:

Camtasia Studio 6 (techsmith.com)


2010-02-09 20:32:06

i'm assuming biteys exaggerated 'run' is a lot easier to accomplish in these angles than showing a real run where each foot hits one by one. looks like the design of bitey came from animation experience knowing whats animatable as well. good stuff so far.

chluaid responds:

Bitey walks like us, but I needed his run to be something special. I thought about how fast four-legged animals can move and studied their movement. Bitey's bounding animation is based on the back legs of a dog/goat/horse/cat/etc. so if you watch some video of say, a dog running, then block out the front half so you can't see the head & front legs, you'll see Bitey's bounding animation.


2010-02-09 20:45:01

That's really cool.


2010-02-09 20:52:06

Why can't I draw like that?


2010-02-09 20:56:27

Finally we hear the voice behind the screen XD

good to see a bit ahead of schedule.



2010-02-09 21:48:39

Hey, this is great! Thanks for doing that! I'm only on the third movie right now but I'm amazed at the huge spacing you're using. O_O I was worried doing Sly on 3's would flicker too much, but from the look of this I could have gotten away with 4's, lol! Now I have to go watch that scene again...


2010-02-09 22:27:41

GAH! You're doing such crazy things with the spacing! I'm sure it's the result of shifting the camera as he's running, and the fact that he's supposed to be going really fast, but I just don't understand how this can work the way it is!

chluaid responds:

not sure I know what you mean. Spacing as in the distance between drawings?


2010-02-09 23:25:23

http://uimg.ngfiles.com/profile/790/7 90763.jpg

chluaid responds:



2010-02-09 23:30:13

Dude, I'm gonna have to try that painterly approach. Who needs lines anyway, right? You could probably just use your rough linework and drop in a fill if you don't get too crazy with it. How fun!

chluaid responds:

yeah it's a quick technique and very forgiving, especially in scenes with fast or chaotic movement like this.


2010-02-10 03:41:58

did you do this for me or just read my mind?

chluaid responds:

I read everyone's mind and did it for everyone X)


2010-02-10 15:23:18

Ah, thats a nice explanation. You do a good job of doing that 'special' run and it makes sense. It's very unique. Good luck with the following episodes!


2010-02-10 15:48:57

Thanks for the screen capture good luck with all future episodes, Brackenwood is it's own REAL world that I really enjoy watching the nature and habitats of the creatures in the Brackenwood world. Thanks!
Good Luck!

chluaid responds:

anks man!


2010-02-10 18:39:51


You are the best animator on NG. Keep it up!

chluaid responds:

well thanks, I'll try :K


2010-02-11 16:20:18

You like playing with knives to!
lol mommie always said not to play with sharp objects but I don't think I ever listened.

chluaid responds:

I listened, but I disobeyed.


2010-02-11 21:45:01

if you dont get this last bitey series a great finale im gonna slowly die inside until my body runs out of blood *slices open leg*

chluaid responds:

give me the knife.. give me the knife.


2010-02-12 20:23:46

Good to see a video behind the scenes!
I would also like to note that your voice reminds me of Michael Cera. (Hes in such movies as Juno, Super-bad and Year one)

chluaid responds:

me and Cera.. we're the same. Except he doesn't look like a goblin.


2010-02-14 13:20:31

I just bought your book from here: http://www.biteycastle.com/bca/bca.ht ml

but how do I receive the link?
do you know you can do that automatically with paypal?


2010-02-14 18:01:18

oh, nevermind, just got them.
I can see why you're doing it manually.

chluaid responds:

yeah, I send the chapters manually when I get the Paypal email. If you don't get it immediately it's cos I'm probably resting my face against the floor.


2010-02-14 18:40:34

This shiz is awesome Adam!! Almost everyday I check to see these videos, They're that Cool!!!! By the way, I have A question that has been pondering me a bit, How old is bitey supposed to be? Just wondering!!!


chluaid responds:

biologically he's the equivalent of 13-15 yo


2010-02-15 02:27:26

You're fuckin awesome ;D

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

fuckin THANKS ;D


2010-02-15 14:29:00

Unscripted as it is, it's a fantastic documentation of the animation process. You've really opened my eyes to the process behind your amazing scenes.

chluaid responds:

glad you like!


2010-02-15 23:48:17

you sound really young for a guy who is 80. Im rather impressed actually.

chluaid responds:

yeah my voice broke when I was 64 so I don't expect it to crack until 112 or so


2010-02-17 23:59:58

cool picture


2010-02-18 01:17:56

Hey Adam, I'm sorry, I feel like I keep letting you down because I keep saying I'll buy flash and haven't done it yet. Now year 12 has started and it looks like I might not get it for a while )=

chluaid responds:

don't worry about it man. It's not as if I'm frowning at you tapping my watch


2010-02-22 19:48:51

usually, i dont like "the making of" productions. but this was interesting. maybe because it's more artistry, and a system i have a vague idea of how to use. either way, enjoyed it. cant wait for the next video!

chluaid responds:



2010-03-01 12:21:56

You know, people can watch your work and go, "hey that was amazing." But to truly understand the time, patience, dedication, concentration, skill, and knowledge it takes to create, even a single scene or artwork, its beyond most peoples grasps. This is why i truly respect what you do. I've studied your work through and through, every step it takes, your are an inspiration for me, my friend. Keep up the incredible work and good luck with your feature film man.

chluaid responds:

thanks so much! I think it's partly my motivation for doing a demo like this, is to help people realise that it's not easy, but it is possible.


2010-03-03 20:17:44

Who was the voice in Last of the Dashkin? Yeah, I know it said in the credits, but I don't wanna have to wait for those. Does she have a website or anything?

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

you can't wait 5 seconds after the movie finishes? Emma's name comes up right after mine. Watching credits at the end of a movie is the least any of us can do to acknowledge the people who worked hard to bring you a little entertainment. If you ever watch it again, I encourage you to stay for an extra 30 sec after 'to be continued'. Then you'll get your answer and maybe a few more.

old man voice: kids today *shakes head*


2010-03-05 16:03:25

I agree completely. I always watch the credits, and I watched these ones. That's how I knew it said her name. I just forgot it. Jeez.

I meant I didn't wanna have to wait through the whole animation again.

chluaid responds:

you can't watch it all over again? Jeez, kids today *shakes head*

Her name's Emma Reynolds. I found her on voice123.com


2010-03-06 15:31:28

How old are you it dosn't sound like your 80

chluaid responds:

I just had my ((78÷2) x 3) - (44¾ ÷ 8½) - (36.3676 x 2) birthday


2010-03-07 09:11:59

Aren't you really only 31, so why do you lie about your age? =0 Or is that 80 in Brackenwood years or something?

And I bet Mindchamber isn't really 70.

chluaid responds:

I lie because I am.


2010-03-08 00:01:57

So I've searched and searched all your flashes but cannot find the program you use for music. Care to share? Thanks a million!

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

the last time I made Brackenwood music myself was littleFoot. I used Cakewalk Sonar 3 and a MIDI keyboard. Since then I've paid other people to do it and I think they used Cubase

..(except The Yuyu, for which Spider and his mates played real instruments)


2010-03-11 10:32:33

Heyy Question? This is graphic design? like what is this profession called? and did you go to college or you just learned?!

chluaid responds:

it's called animation. I didn't go to college, I applied for a traineeship at Disney and was accepted. Learned the ropes on the job.


2010-03-16 12:32:01

Hello Mr. Phillips,

My name is Jay and I know nothing of how to create flash. I'm 21 and attend school while working full time so I'm not the richest guy in the world. I know this is gonna sound kind of corny, but after watching your Brackenwood / Bitey flash videos I was amazed at what you did. It even inspired me to attempt to create some flash of my own since I've always had the interest. I watched your youtube tutorials with CS3 and it seemed extremely helpful. Thats why I decided you would be the best person to reach out to with some questions I might have..

At Adobe they sell a package set that comes with various programs like photoshop, dreamweaver, acrobat, soundbooth, ect. Are all those necessary for someone at my level?

I really just want to know what I need to get started without costing me a fortune. So some advice to get me on the right track would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and I hope to hear back from you soon,


chluaid responds:

you don't need to spend anything to get started. I recommend either downloading the free 30-day trial of Flash, OR the PLE of ToonBoom Animate. The 30 day Flash trial sucks after 30 days.. in that it doesn't work. The ToonBoom Animate PLE (personal learning edition) however will not expire. Go to toonboom.com and look for Animate or Animate Pro

Once you have a chance to mess about with these programs, you may decide to buy one of them. You don't need the very latest version of Flash. You could possibly score an old version from eBay for a few bucks. Flash 5 is almost as good for animation as Flash CS3 or CS4. Bear in mind that the recommended version is Flash 8 because that's when Filters (blur, glow, etc) and custom ease were introduced.


2010-03-19 23:47:14

Mr. Phillips, it's always a pleasure. Very interesting post - it's intriguing to witness the sheer, unrelenting planning that goes into your craft.

Best of luck with everything ... inside and outside of Brackenwood.

chluaid responds:

thanks Mr Bigfoot!


2010-03-30 22:17:43

ive been inspired to animate framebyframe More! this is amazing! also, i think you might be able to just skip 21\33 or 22\, and go on. im eager to see them!

chluaid responds:

yeah I might put 22-25 in a single timelapse part, then just back to normal with 26-33


2010-03-31 11:22:05

What's that, 1020 by 768? ;)

chluaid responds:

yeah HQ dimensions :D


2010-04-01 15:40:36

I wasn't able to send you this private message unfortunately :(, so i had to send it here:

"Hi, hows it going?

I've always loved your work, its partially been the inspiration for my own, if you visit my page you can see i've tributed some of your amazing artwork (i hope thats ok with you). I have been working on my own project for quite some time, its a high quality cinematic stick series, and i was wondering adam, would it be ok with you if you did a very quick voice for the movie? I would be very honored if you did that small favor for me. You would voice a veteran soldier (just a single line at most) greeting another character very briefly in a casual way. I was watching your animation video on your page and your voice is the only natural sounding one for a character like that, people can fake it, yes, but i think its better for more natural voice.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care :),
~Eric Pasquet"

chluaid responds:

Hey man, drop me a line through my site's contact form. I'll be happy to say a line or two ;)


2010-04-02 17:35:37

When watching LOTR it somehow reminded me of the Brackenwood series (probably because of the fantasy elements they share, how it's based in a different world and all), and I thought of what an awesome thing it would be if there was a Brackenwood feature film. So I googled you, and read apparently that's what you're planning and atm you're preparing a script. I know you're just in the planning stage at the moment, but when do you think serious developments will be made, and possibly it's release? A year? 3 years? I'm just really excited :3

chluaid responds:

I'm not sure I could even give an estimate right now. We've almost finished the outline and are about to put it into script form, which means it should be ready to pitch in a month or two. Once we start pitching, I'll post updates on my blog. Feature films are notorious for how long they take to make though but hopefully because we're leapfrogging the whole book and TV series things (the easier, but longer way) it'll quicken the process a bit for us. Only time will tell, but I will blog about it here on NG too, when it happens.


2010-04-02 20:50:05

when is the film?

chluaid responds:

see above response. If the feature film is delayed for any reason, I'll continue to make Brackenwood shorts for NG in the meantime.


2010-04-15 17:24:30

Sir, I love your animations, maybe my favorites. I really appreciate your job :). I hope you keep animating like that :D. I expect to see more work of yours soon :).

chluaid responds:

thanks! I expect to do more soon :)


2010-04-16 10:44:33

So that was like 4 seconds of animation in 3 hours? Holy shit man, I just thought you drew really fast, but if that's the average amount of frames you get done and you got 4 minutes in 4 weeks...

So when you're animating a short, how much do you spend each day animating? 9 hours? 10 hours?

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

usually when I'm fully into a project, I'll stay in the chair until it's done, only stopping to go to bed.. so usually between 18-20 hrs on the longest days, otherwise it's around 12-16 on avg. Towards the end when I'm nearly finished, I will do a couple of all nighters, like 36-48hrs straight :D


2010-04-18 05:22:51

have you ever thought of publishing some instructional dvds? I'm pretty sure they'd sell, 'cuz you do such a wonderful job here.

chluaid responds:

yeah I have the BCA chapters on my site (bitey.com > Academy) which are PDFs. I plan on doing something similar with ToonBoom soonish.


2010-04-27 16:55:40

hi Adam,

I just want to say that the animator is the only person in this Universe who can create what he imagine except god.

so you can understand that what is an animator.

Keep creating this kind of works becasue these kinds of things always remain unforgotten marks.


chluaid responds:

thank you manishan :D


2010-05-02 07:08:24

Hey Adam, ever searched yourself on Wikipedia?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Phi llips_animator


2010-05-04 04:21:15

I like knives too :D


2010-05-07 19:59:15

ow cool turturial but how do u make a play button AND A REPLAY BUTTON IM NEW TO FLASH SO I JUST WANA KNOW. PLZ!
(Sry for caps just rushing)


2010-05-08 11:13:46

Hey timosuarus007, I at least know that. I don't know much about preloaders, but...

Go to Insert>Symbol, Click Button, UP is when it's not pressed, OVER is when the mouse is hovering over it, DOWN, is when it's clicked, and HIT is the zone where you can hit the button (Of course, it's easy to use one frame for all)

Then go to scene 1 of your movie, drag in the Button from the Library (Windows>Library) Go to Windows>Actions, click on the ENTIRE KEYFRAME, take Script Assist in the ACTIONS window, hit movie clip control, drag in stop in the text box, click on the button, drag in "play" and that should work for a play button.

For replay button, put a "stop" command on the last scene, then set the button to "when clicked, go to frame 1 in scene 1", script assist will help.

It's actually pretty simple once you get used to it.