2009-12-09 12:25:06 by chluaid

The new Brackenwood movie "the Last of the Dashkin" is the first of a couple of storylines dedicated to reestablishing the world of Brackenwood and bringing it in line with what the feature film will be about. The first thing you'll notice besides story, is some redesigned characters (Lemonee Wee - the witch) and new creatures. I've also finally brought a few of the earliest concepts to life, such as the globe tree in which Bitey wakes, surrounded by little creatures.

As it's a narrated trailer-style story setting up bigger things to come, there is a lot of exposition and history crammed into 4½ mins. I wanted to use the opportunity to explore the diversity of terrain, weather, time of day and lighting in Brackenwood. I'm pretty happy with the results and really look forward to starting the new one in around Feb of 2010.

Hope you like it and thanks as always for the continued support, even when I'm M.I.A for 2 years :D



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2009-12-23 11:18:34


I was on your twitter and happened to notice that you are following the ABC show Good Game. I wouldn't have guessed you're a fan of the show. Does that make you Australian? Because I couldn't imagine people outside of Aus being exposed to the show, no matter how good it is. Have you watched it for long? We're you sad when Junglist left? Anyway, I just found it interesting that you would watch it.

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

yeah I'm Australian. I wouldn't say I'm a true "fan" of the show but as a gamer, it's nice to turn on the TV late at night and watch two gamers talking about games :D

I was also the artist on dragonagejourneys (.com) and I was hoping they'd check it out and maybe even review it (!) but no luck there X)


2009-12-25 07:44:25

I don't know what could I've expect from a Master Artist like you, you even did the story line well without the vocals! Excluding your flash "The Last Dashkin" of course, though I feel that this flash doesn't need any voice narration to explain the "Dashkin's fate". Nevertheless its still a master art work!
But what really struck me is that your story has various "Unseen nor Unheard" creatures, all of which seems to be your creation and even the mainstream creatures, such as Bigfoot or the Witch seems to be personally altered to fit the story.
I've watch all of your Brakenwood series and its one of my favorites now, no flaws yet to be seen but don't get cocky though.

Other than that, I wish you a Good Luck on your project! Keep it unique and interesting as always!

chluaid responds:

thank you sir. I'll try not to get cocky ;)


2009-12-25 15:15:16

You´re my role model! I just got a Imac just for flash, I´ve been a member of newgrounds a while now without adding any flash animations, you´re one of the guys that motivated me to start with this =) I love you dude<3 Continue the brackenwood stories, me and everybody else loves it=)

Peace out<3

chluaid responds:

thanks! Good luck with your Flash stuff and if you need any help getting started, check out my free Flash CS3 chapters on the Academy page at my site :)


2009-12-25 17:49:44

I did'nt you worked for disney long ago.....
I wonder if disney ever misses you... I love your bitey seires.

chluaid responds:

yeah I quit Disney in 2004 but that particular studio closed down altogether in 2006. Glad you like the Brackenwood stuff, thanks!


2009-12-26 02:01:28

Your Brackenwood tales are wonderful! *.* A visual delight, truly o.o
Perfect stories and characters, with perfect animations and OST! <3
You're an awesome artist/animator/storyteller, congrats...
More, more! ^.^

chluaid responds:

thank you! More coming :D


2009-12-29 02:10:33

I wanted to leave a comment regarding a suggestion I had in mind for a quite a long time...

Could you sell Brackenwood dolls in the Shop?

I'm betting I'm not the first person to ask, but I just wondering if that might be a future merchandise choice. To be honest, I would buy a Bitey or a L:ittle Bigfoot doll right now if it were available. Not jusr for me, but other friends of mine that enjoy the Brackenwood series. I always feel a little guilty when I watch the series on NG for free, when I would willingly pay to see if in movie theaters. You have an amazing talent for storytelling AND animation; it would be a crying shame for it to go to waste here. That said thank you for sharing it with us!

Happy New Year!

chluaid responds:

thanks, a Happy New Year to you too! I have long planned to get Bitey (and other Brackenwood character/creature) toys made but it's a fairly expensive process to get started. For now, the t-shirt machine is going OK and just recently I've started selling poster prints. Hopefully in the very near future there will be some plushies, figurines, etc for sale. Thanks again :)


2009-12-29 20:33:59

i love all the flashes about bitey and his life
but can u plz tell me the name of every flash made about bitey and the order to watch them him
so i get the story in the correct order

plz leave a commet or a pm for me my username is sean1250521 just incase

chluaid responds:

All previous Brackenwood movies are just character introductions, so it doesn't really matter the order in which you watch them. Here's the order I made them:
Bingbong of Brackenwood (my site only)
Auld Sage (my site only)
Bitey of Brackenwood
Prowlies at the River
The Yuyu

If you're new to Brackenwood, you should probably watch "The Last of the Dashkin" first because it's designed to be an intro to the world and the big picture of the world's history.


2009-12-29 20:43:25


chluaid responds:



2009-12-30 12:09:10

it was great


2010-01-01 19:30:25

the piece was great!
i've always loved your work.
you always put alot of time and detail into your pieces and the result is absolutely outstanding.
the music is also awesome.
it definitely gives it that fantasy feel.
also, the humor you put into them is always cracks me up.
i can't wait to see more of your work and the rest of this story.


2010-01-07 13:28:46

You are the most inspiration i have for animation. Up there with Pixar (pun not intended).

As an aspiring animator i hope one day i could produce something half as good as you do and it would be excellent. I've put you down as one of my cultural contributors in my contexual for foundation studies in art this year if you don't mind?

Are you a freelance animator?

amazing work once more, thanks

chluaid responds:

yep I'm a freelance animator and I'm flattered you'd include me in your studies :)


2010-01-09 15:18:27

I am sorry, but I have some question for you Mr.Phillips:There is another character in Brackenwood, a Bingbong.Will he be in your future videos?Thanks for answer and sorry for my english.By the way, your work is amazing.

chluaid responds:

Brackenwood was originally all about Bingbong. However, as the popularity of Bitey exploded I have done a lot of reworking of the entire concept. Bingbong may or may not make an appearance in the feature film, so it's unclear whether or not he will make any appearances in these web episodes.


2010-01-10 17:38:38

Newgrounds games have been known to make a transition to the Xbox if you make a film you will have been the first newgroundsian to make a movie that is selling in the real world and RvB(the fist web series to be made into a movie) were just voices so you will also be the first to do it yourself in the world,how does it feel?

chluaid responds:

good so far :D


2010-01-13 05:18:29

Your work is truly amazing. I consider you the standard bearer for what flash is capable of. I watch a lot of flash movies and talk with friends a lot about what i see and your animations are always the first ones i send people to. It's great to see your style develop through your animations and your skill is tremendous. Particularly, your water/fluid effects are just jaw-dropping. Keep up the awesome work and i wait with bated breath for your next work.

chluaid responds:

thanks man!


2010-01-13 06:52:54

Rather than leave reviews on all of your flashes, i'll just tell you what i think of your entire bitey series here (i doubt you will read this though). The story is pretty awesome. Its hard not to sound trite, but the series severely stands out in quality in almost every category from other flash. It stands out so much so, that i feel it needs its own category of "professional animation." I'm reminded of watching the animated show Venture Bros. only to have my mind blown in realization that the first season was done using flash.

Simply put, your bitey series is too well rounded and mature to fit in with 90% of the internet flash content. Because of this, i'm actually not totally satisfied with your episodes. They seem to be bottlenecked by what flash can do (and only a small amount of time). I think a feature will finally break that feel and i look forward to it.

Its obvious that you have professional training, and i think your flash receive page after page of 10/10 reviews because unlike most flash artists, you went from industry to newgrounds; your more experienced work is here (referring to bitey as i haven't watched your other flash).

I'd love to just rip your series apart with a vicious deconstruction of weak plot and shoddy visuals, but i just can't find any real glaring faults. I'm not one to leave adulating reviews, but you really do have a well rounded story.

i'd also like to add that i severely enjoy watching bitey be an asshole. this makes me happy.

tl;dr a feature film will be drastically better than flash shorts.

chluaid responds:

I do read and try to respond to all of the comments here, so thanks for the message. Don't worry, I realised long ago that Brackenwood had outgrown Flash which is why I'm now using ToonBoom to storyboard the sequel. Flash always gives me such a hard time on these large projects and I've had enough of it. Hopefully I can import my video file into Flash for submission to NG :)


2010-01-13 23:39:20

Can't wait for the next one, keep up the good work.


2010-01-14 00:30:20

Watched all the bitey videos and love them. Wish it was a movie! Can't wait for the next part! >.<


2010-01-14 18:13:36

Wonderful, you are one of the most inspiring artist's on newgrounds, I could never stop watching your cartoons, when i first started watching them was forever ago, and what got me the most was the amount of detail you can add, not sure how much time it takes, but you obviously dont BS any of it. Keep it going! <333

chluaid responds:

Thanks for sticking with me this long. It's funny, I was playing TF2 the other day and I sprayed my Bitey pic on the wall. Some kid said "Bitey?? Dude that's soO0o old.."


2010-01-14 22:03:56

The first part was like more of a trailer informing you about some events


2010-01-15 11:26:21

Truly amazing my friend i also think you should make some audio tho too
cause the music the way it blends with your animation iz perfect id like to hear and see more, keep up the great work man.

chluaid responds:

yeah you can download the uncut audio by itself on my site. It works nicely as an audioplay.


2010-01-15 15:09:06

M.I.A. for 2 years? felt like much, much longer to me. Glad to have you back, buddy. Cant wait to see more of this legendary story.

chluaid responds:

it's good to be back. Thanks for the support :)


2010-01-16 20:16:44

I really love the way you present the different environments and texctures in your world <3~!

chluaid responds:

thankye! :D


2010-01-17 15:09:02

omfg that was epic!!!!! FOUR weeks???? it takes me a day to draw a circle and make it move!! btw whens the next one due? and the movie i hear it goin to be in the cinemas!! may i ask when.
Liked the music:D
Tom(not fulp)

chluaid responds:

I've started storyboarding the sequel in toonBoom so it'll be a couple of months at least. The feature film will probably be a few years away as we haven't quite started the script's first draft. Outline is almost done, then we start writing. Once it's written, we'll be shopping it around to see if any production companies bite. If not, I'll make it myself :D


2010-01-18 06:56:10

Hey, Adam! Excellently excellent work with LoTD as always!
You might remember me, you might not, but I sure remember you!
Anyhow. I have been planning my own story world for over a year now but still don't have Flash. I am just about ready to start learning to animate, but then again, I am just about to enter year 12. I need to know, would I, a complete beginner at animating, be better off with Flash CS3, CS4, or ToonBoom, and what are the rough prices of each?
One of your loyal fans,

chluaid responds:

Hey man, how could I forget all that WoW gold you gave me for my epic flier? Good to hear from you again :D
I've been WoW free for a year now though. I might resubscribe to try out Cataclysm but that'll probably last about a month before the WoW-rage reconsumes me and I quit in disgust :P

If you want to learn animation, it probably doesn't matter which program you use. I personally am tired of Flash fighting me all the way so I'm using ToonBoom a lot these days. Very similar workflows and ToonBoom Animate is cheaper than Flash - only problem is that Flash is better at SWF export. I've also done Flash CS3 tutorial chapters, so if you want to make movies for NG, CS3 is probably the way to go (CS4 is buggy as hell).


2010-01-18 22:04:57

I've never commented on your work before but it's always a pleasure to see it.

You're a gift to the Newgrounds community and your own website, biteycastle, has been a fantastic resource to me.

I only leave this comment in the hopes that it can somehow let you know of the impact that you have on others.

chluaid responds:

thanks for the message man, glad you like :)


2010-01-21 16:15:16

WHAT THE HELL? last of the dashkin is now the 4TH and BEER RUN IS THE FIRST IN ALL TIME TOP SCORING?? WHAAAAT? your art and story and animation are all better than bear run's!!! im so sad now :'(

chluaid responds:

It's the nature of NG that we all have our time and eventually drop away on the list. I like being up near the top but I don't worry when other stuff comes in. After all, this isn't the Adam Phillips show, it's 'everything by everyone' :D
Stuff that comes into the top 10 deserves it and after some shuffling, we all settle and find our place in the list.


2010-01-22 04:22:00

i think that bitey is awesome i am inspired. i have a huge collection o drawings some of which may be good in brackenwood i can sumbit them later. i also can make a wide variety of voices such as accsents from most most of the world robots aliens yoda from starwars and somthing similar to a sreaming rakshi if you like i will find a way to get some of these sounds and drawings to you.

chluaid responds:

thanks for the offer, but the Brackenwood concept is pretty well rounded now with not much room for new characters. If you're good with character designs and voices though, I suggest starting a little portfolio site so that other people can see your work. Who knows? You might be the perfect voice for Bitey in 5 years when we start casting :D


2010-01-22 21:17:33

keep them comin' btw are you really 79 ?

chluaid responds:

I'm ½ that ;)


2010-01-23 08:27:43

I am sorry, but I have some question for you Mr.Phillips:There is another character in Brackenwood, a Bingbong.Will he be in your future videos?Thanks for answer and sorry for my english.By the way, your work is amazing.


2010-01-24 14:52:06

Make this on the ipod and youll get much more views no kid.

chluaid responds:

I've made an iPhone version already but I'll put it up for download on my site soon.


2010-01-26 06:03:20

Hehe, I've also been WoW-free for over a year. (I can still map out most of the terrain of Azeroth in my mind o.o) Cataclysm is tempting, but life is too good right now to re-addict myself to that game.
Looks like I should be buying CS3 in the near future :D
When buying it off ebay, what version am I looking for? Professional or student? And why do different Flash CS3's say something like "Adobe Flash CS3 Professional [With CDROM] by Rich Shupe" or "by Andy Anderseo" or whoever else?
I hope that made sense, it's all a bit confusing. I just wanna make sure I buy the right thing. And of course I'll have to buy your CS3 guides for $10 each (=

chluaid responds:

I'm pretty sure Professional and Student would have the exact same animation capabilities. Any differences are likely to be developer oriented, but that's just a guess.. check for a comparison online, there should be one on the Adobe product website. Rich Shupe is a Flash teacher with heavy focus on Actionscript. i'm not sure who Andy Anderseo is. If you want to learn Flash CS3 for animation, you probably can't go past my BCA Chapters. Drop me an email, I'll send em over to you for free.. in return for the WoW gold :D


2010-01-26 11:09:04

YAY its 2nd now!
umm and hey why are you always responding? you are too famous for this! :D
hmm i know the answer... becouse you ARE THE BEST!

chluaid responds:

if someone takes the time to leave me feedback, the least I can do is try to acknowledge it X)


2010-01-28 14:55:43

Why you dont answer me? I know, you have many coments, but please answer.

chluaid responds:

(the guy below you is right)


2010-01-29 00:56:21

Benuben, if you had bothered to check your first post here, I think you would find that Adam has already answered your question (=


2010-01-29 06:26:48

Happy B-Day!

chluaid responds:

thanks :D


2010-01-29 11:21:33

You are right, I am true sorry, thank you.


2010-01-29 12:00:48

dUDE, YOU ROCK CAN't wait for the next part.Xd

chluaid responds:

thanks! I agree, I AM a rock!


2010-01-30 12:01:07

I saw your age. 80 years old? I was thinking "I hope you're still alive to see my works in the future". But no! I know it, you're not really 80 (or 103 or whatever).. I know it, you're much younger.. sir.

chluaid responds:

ah, you're a sharp one! nothing gets past you :D


2010-01-30 15:50:51

thanks and is there going to be an online version of the sequel to this? and for the movie, if u need any voice actors please can u contact me or sumthing cos i want to take part in ur ultimate movie. just offering
Dude you rock
Do u have PS3?
If so do u have cod mw2?
My online name is Tomaskee just so u no
Thanks and gdaymate!

chluaid responds:

yeah I'll put the sequel on NG, definitely. Thanks for the offer btw, I'll put you on my list, so make an online demo of your voice acting, if you haven't already. That way, I can listen to you alongside the other voice actors who've offered their services.

I do play MW2, but only on PC.


2010-02-01 09:27:10

yay you are first again! YEEYY

chluaid responds:



2010-02-02 12:56:37

when you say "other flash CS3's"
you are mentioning a set of books, the book is called "Flash CS3" and it includes a CD-rom with samples, not with the program


2010-02-02 21:29:39

You're such an inspiration! You're the reason I'm getting into animation. I'm still learning and working through chapter two of the BCA chapters :). Thank you for not only brilliant animations and stories, but for creating an opportunity to learn flash and open the doors to making animations.

chluaid responds:

no worries. I'm about to post a new blog thing about my frame-by-frame animation process on LotD. There's 3 hrs of screen capture video I did of a Bitey scene. Glad you're getting something from my work, thanks for the feedback :D


2010-02-05 01:45:49

hey was up i got a ?
can u tell me all the episodes in oder
i just watched The Last Dashkin
and you got me hooked lol
but let me tell you ur a god at this
well if you could just tell me the episodes in oder...
oh i will spread ur work if its okay with you

chluaid responds:

thanks for spreading Brackenwood around, yes it's OK with me :D
The episodes in order are on my site, bitey.com. Check the animation page, they're in order of most recent, first.

Glad you liked Dashkin, thanks for the message :)


2010-02-07 21:44:03

I swear if you dont keep this series up I hang myself *cuts wrist*

chluaid responds:

hold that suicide! I'm working on the sequel now ;)
Might take a while though cos I'm still in script stage. Storyboard is next, then animation.


2010-02-09 15:56:40

can you tell something about your animation workflow?
do you first draw some steps to a full scene and then draw the inbetweens?

thanks in advantage

chluaid responds:

my next post will be a 3hr screen capture of my workflow.