2009-12-09 12:25:06 by chluaid

The new Brackenwood movie "the Last of the Dashkin" is the first of a couple of storylines dedicated to reestablishing the world of Brackenwood and bringing it in line with what the feature film will be about. The first thing you'll notice besides story, is some redesigned characters (Lemonee Wee - the witch) and new creatures. I've also finally brought a few of the earliest concepts to life, such as the globe tree in which Bitey wakes, surrounded by little creatures.

As it's a narrated trailer-style story setting up bigger things to come, there is a lot of exposition and history crammed into 4½ mins. I wanted to use the opportunity to explore the diversity of terrain, weather, time of day and lighting in Brackenwood. I'm pretty happy with the results and really look forward to starting the new one in around Feb of 2010.

Hope you like it and thanks as always for the continued support, even when I'm M.I.A for 2 years :D



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2009-12-10 22:50:59

cant wait for more


2009-12-10 22:56:08

Really really love the series, honest, but...

I really do not like how the narrator blatantly stated Bitey's reason for his relentless nature, in that he's extremely lonely and never knows the comfort of his kind.
I think you're really spoonfeeding the audience with that, and it ruins any chance of interpretation. If you had cut out the spoken "But Bitey's is full of extreme loneliness etc", and instead just showed his isolation from the rest of the creatures, and his sadness, it would have been much more rewarding to the watcher. It's far better to show than to tell.

But anyway, really great series, I've watched it for years.

chluaid responds:

I agree. I didn't have that part in, then I put it back in. I'll be changing a few things in the movie and putting an update in, so I think that'll be one of the items on the agenda.


2009-12-11 08:39:21

All I gotta say is when I first made my account, it was to vote 5/5 on all your submissions! :D

chluaid responds:

thanks a lot :D


2009-12-11 09:06:19

that was probably the most awesome cartoon i've ever seen, you are a really great artist. everything is so finely tuned, the texture, the shading, everything!!!


2009-12-11 13:38:14

Been watching your work since the first Brackenwood, it's evolved into a really
unique and interesting fantasy. I wish you the best of luck in the production of the
feature film and will be sure to watch it when it is released. I have no doubts in it
being released and doing very well at the box office when that time comes. -Doug

chluaid responds:

Cheers Doug! The next will resolve a lot of backstory and set me up to tell more about the characters in depth.


2009-12-11 20:07:46

still godlike as usual


2009-12-11 20:45:41

That Was A Pretty Awesome Video, Can't Wait For The Next One To Be Finished.

p.s. You Are Really 79? Cool.

chluaid responds:

I'm actually half that age.. still old though.


2009-12-11 21:04:52

The animation was awesome, but I won't be happy if you turn bitey into a 'just lonely and needs a hug' sort of creature.

chluaid responds:

don't worry, I've got a brain ;)


2009-12-11 23:12:42

ther should be an evil spirit that live's in a tree, sucking the life out of forest.


2009-12-12 04:07:04

good work mate =)
beautifully animated as usual, musical score was very well written, but can't say i'm a big fan of the naration, i think part of the brackenwood spark is the visuals telling short stories conveying humor and so, but its probably needed since you canot give much background through visuals alone... anyway really like it, goodluck hope all goes well with the feature =)
and thanx again for the free entertainment =D

chluaid responds:

thanks man :)


2009-12-12 12:49:29

Adam, By far you are the greatest Animator and Storyteller on the planet.
I do not wish to repeat what other's have already said so i shall skip to the point:
Could you please tell me how old Bitey is, for I have wondered this quite a bit.
Your Idoliser

chluaid responds:

he's the equivalent of a 14-15 yr old


2009-12-12 17:07:16

lol i updated the wikipedia page for you

chluaid responds:

thanks :)


2009-12-12 23:49:56

What is it that motivates you to come up with these amazing stories? I mean, you've created an entirely new world, and I've got to ask, do you write these stories out before you animate them? Like, what's your process in creating an animation?

chluaid responds:

I've been developing the Brackenwood back story since about 2000, but each episode takes a few weeks of developing a smaller idea based around that bigger one. After that, I start storyboarding


2009-12-12 23:57:08

Nice choice in voice acting for the narration, this is the story progression that I've been waiting for. Though I do believe that you rely too much on the voices, a lot of your charm was how your animation spoke for itself. As long as you can balance the informative narrator with the expressive characters I think this amazing series can break more ground.

chluaid responds:

Glad you liked the narration and I appreciate your criticism of it. Hope the next one brings things together a bit more for you :)


2009-12-13 00:47:45

Omg I just started watching the series and I immediately fell in love with it! I can't wait until you make the sequels! PM me the response please :)

chluaid responds:

nice to hear you like it! Sorry i don't use PM on NG because of overwhelmingness.


2009-12-13 08:55:38

Oh wow, I'm so glad to see this movie; I liked it a lot. I finally decided to return here myself because you get to see a lot of original work that's really pretty awesome. Brackenwood happens to be one of my favorites and I can't wait to see more. :)


2009-12-13 13:20:58

I love Bitey, nice work and effort on all the vids. The Animation is amazing, by the way.

chluaid responds:

thanks :)


2009-12-13 14:26:41

Thanks for telling me where the narrations are. Was a bit hard to keep scrolling up in down to catch the video and timing of wordings but caught on to it anyhow. Id like to have your permission to abtain a copy of this video for myself, and myself only so I can intergrate the words into the video with precise timing so I can enjoy this video to the full extent.

Harley aka skyhighmile

chluaid responds:

I'll be releasing a version soon on YouTube.


2009-12-13 15:54:45

oh! ya know i thought the witch was RELATED to lemonee wee in some way with her manner of dress and liquid like magic, but i figured you had made this new character of the same "clan" or race as Wee...or that you had always had such a people in mine but never expanded on them due to other story ideas...honestly, rewatching the original appearance of Wee...I enjoy her aged and stunted appearance, and just wanted to relate to YOU, that that concept is intriguing to me...here i saw a younger witch, and thought of her like Wee, as a dwindling remnant of an ancient tribe...when the viewer makes that connection between the two witches its exciting..so, something to think about

chluaid responds:

yeah somehow I was pretty sure people would instantly recognise her as Lemonee Wee, considering the only real changes are smaller nose (so you can see her face) and a hood, instead of a hat!


2009-12-13 18:30:22

the video was good. What are you going to name your next video?

chluaid responds:

Just like I did with LotD, I'll be keeping the titles of the movies secret until their release. The reason is because just before Waterlollies was due to be released, someone released a prank movie called Waterlollies and so I couldn't use that title. I had to get help from NG admin to change the pranksters title so I could use it.


2009-12-13 21:30:53

From what i know, Australia is pretty desertic... how can you come up with a world so GREEN?
and uhm... the fairies, music etc make me think of IRELAND... that's like the opposite of the world...

chluaid responds:

It's not all desert here.. in fact, only the centre is desert. Most of us live on the coasts and there's a variety of sunny sandy beaches, wooded mountain ranges, snow fields, grassy plains and tropical rainforests. Brackenwood however is inspired by parts of Ireland and the UK, and the traditional folk music of those areas has a big influence on me too.


2009-12-14 02:04:25

Just the other day i was on newgrounds just searching stuff, and i found your latest animation. It really brought me in how you made up your own world with new Creatures, Terrain and such. And to think i didnt know who Bitey was until now! love your animations Keep it up!<3


2009-12-14 03:28:40

Thank you for the comment on my story. Even though i can see it all in my head like i said previously i have no skills for flash animation. I would happily pay to have my idea put into a flash but i am just a typical newgrounder who come a dime a dozen. If i can pull together a crew and format my idea into a visual dream i will personally send you a link. Till then i just want you to know how much the "Bitey" has inspired me. I have been your devoted fan since Bitey of Brakenwood. Any tips towards online directing would be appreciated (especially, recruiting a flash animator and storyboard director) since i do not much experiance. If you have any futher comments please direct them towards my newgrounds inbox.

Much luck and success in your further career movements and particiapation. I hope you gain whatever rewards you are deserved in your future exlploits. I look foreward your next movie.

Mike Macauley
A.K.A. Sleepysrh


2009-12-14 04:23:22

feature film? oh yeah i cant wait, ill be the first one in line


2009-12-14 10:53:51

Best anumation ever 99999/5


2009-12-14 21:18:22

I really did love the last Dashkin! The animation was amazing! But I think that it was a bit disappointing for me when I heard narration. I think that maybe you shouldve had less voices and more action. I really hoped for more action, but then again its a damn origin story. I wanted to see biteys origin story, but I would have prefered if you wouldnt have fleshed it out in a whole story arc. Oh well, whatever. like always, It was extremely entertaining, and Top notch!
I heard that youre making a feature film! I am excited! I hope that its on par with the earlier brackenwood movies(if not better). Will it be set in the brackenwood universe? Hmmm?

well, I love your works, you are an amazing artist and story teller, and I will always be a fan! :D
--- vishnu :P

chluaid responds:

thank you vishnu! Yes the Brackenwood feature film is being written and it will be well above and beyond the quality of the Flash episodes. It'll also be set in the Brackenwood universe ;)


2009-12-14 21:23:13

Pure greatness, you're still my favorite flash artist. Enjoyed it just as much as the others, if not more. Please keep going, your art is wonderful.

chluaid responds:

thanks very much :D


2009-12-14 21:33:19

I absolutely loved the newest Brackenwood installment with your as alway impeccable, but i was a little dissapointed in it only being part one of something greater, because of course I don't like to have to wait. Although for you I am willing to but with great anticipation, and did i see something about a FEATURED FILM? Hmmm? whats that all about?

chluaid responds:

yeah that's all about a full length Brackenwood movie I'm currently developing. I'll talk more about it on my blog soon. Glad you liked the new addition, thanks for the feedback :)


2009-12-15 10:58:56

you sir, are one of the best flash animators in the history of the world!

chluaid responds:

Thanks Gordon! Loved you in HalfLife btw!


2009-12-15 18:32:26

When you say "in theaters", what do you mean exactly? Do you mean "in a few theaters here and there" or "in lots of theaters like with blockbuster films"?


2009-12-15 18:35:47

Huh. I guess someone already asked that, but I wasn't quite sure of the answer. I'm going to assume you mean "in lots of theaters like with blockbuster films".

chluaid responds:

ideally, yes. But who knows? Only time will tell


2009-12-15 21:01:38

Bitey. :> mor


2009-12-16 00:15:18

Awesome work, as always.Can't wait to see the movie...
Oh, and thanks for adding me on Steam (my ID there is SpaceTank)...we also killed each other in TF2 :D

chluaid responds:

haha cool. I love my TF2.. especially the killing part


2009-12-16 01:23:26

Hey Chluaid! Wicked animating! Quick question, I live in America, will the Brakenwood movie be in theaters here or just Austrailia, U.K., ect?

chluaid responds:

the plan is for a global release, but it's all quite a long way off yet.


2009-12-16 01:57:38

For the Dashkin flash, I conducted a little test. It seems to work fine for Internet Explorer, but is out of focus with Firefox. You said Safari may also be having problems, so this is not an isolated thing. It would probably be easiest to just post in the info bar of the flash to watch it using Internet Explorer.

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

works fine for me in FF and Safari.


2009-12-16 18:40:54

bo you have anything to do with this cristmas disine? on the left it shows tankmen holding bitey hostage.

chluaid responds:

no, but I do think it's pretty awesome :)


2009-12-16 20:39:27

Dude truly amazing looking forward to the next installment :D


2009-12-17 08:59:28

why arent YOU the king of the portal now? you made hella better flashes than Sh0T-D0wN! you have the best flashes in the world! please be the king of the portal!!!! umm... yeah and congratz on all-time top scoring first! ur the best... THE BEST!!! THE @&/king BESTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

I'll see what I can do X)


2009-12-17 19:30:22

Omg,are you really 79 years old and animating!?!?! DAM! Is it really true?

chluaid responds:



2009-12-17 23:54:06

Using flash cs3? Why not cs4?

chluaid responds:

Even after patching, Flash CS4 is nightmarishly buggy and crashes randomly. It was difficult enough using Flash CS3 which fought me all the way.


2009-12-18 09:40:56

Your art is so cute ^-^ .....it makes me all puffy inside, i wanna hug something :3

chluaid responds:



2009-12-18 11:43:55

Ive recently aquired the animation program toonboom and was wondering if it was compatable with newgrounds. Becasue Ive heard somewhere that it is not.

Thanks for your apreciation!

PS: are you realy 79? you dont have to answer that LOL.

chluaid responds:

ToonBoom exports best to video formats (.AVI, MOV, etc). It still exports SWF but that's very limited in what it can do at the moment. I hear the next version of ToonBoom Animate will have a better SWF export. The only problem then is that you can't make preloaders, buttons, etc.

I'm not 79 ;)


2009-12-18 11:55:38

Eh, the new Lemonee Wee is cool looking but I liked the big nose-curled boots version of her better. More Celtic/ storybook less Warcraft. Just an opinion.
Brackenwood is by far the most inspirational series on the web for me though, good luck with the sequel and the Film.

chluaid responds:

thanks for the feedback. Lemonee Wee needed redesigning to fit the semi-realistic setting of Brackenwood. Her Nickelodeon style design was always going to be changed. btw, she still has the curly boots - er.. socks.


2009-12-18 23:29:35

Hi thar!

chluaid responds:



2009-12-19 15:54:08

I dunno if anybody has said yet but I think the main problem here was that it stopped telling the story just through the animation, instead it uses the voice to tell the story, its good but the voice just made it lose the way the other animations are, it wasn't to my liking. Hope you don't use voices in the main thing.
I must say though, the animation and music are just spectacular.
And even though its really good, it is overrated for now. :/

chluaid responds:

well maybe when the other
half of the story is in place, the bulk
of the plot's
creases are ironed out,
and the scores and
ratings begin to
even out, hopefully then, all will be to your liking


2009-12-20 22:02:05

You seriously need to start submitting some art into the art portal, your awesome!

chluaid responds:

I'd like to do that some day when I get some time :D


2009-12-21 05:18:34

I love you're work keep doing what you're doing!

chluaid responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! I love what I'm doing so I'll try to keep doing it :)


2009-12-22 05:38:19

I only just discovered your Bitey collection, brilliant! The music, animation and each movie is an absolute gem and a pleasure to watch. A heart felt thankyou for making such magnificent flash.

chluaid responds:

Thanks for coming here to let me know :)


2009-12-22 21:45:57

Hello Mr. Phillips, Or Adam, whatever you prefer to be called. I just wanted to say, i am a bit fan of some of your work, especially Bitey the Dashkin. His arrogance and mischief is hilarious. Although, i feel kinda bad how he's the only one left. Your series is awesome as well, you are an extremely talented artist. I cannnot wait until the next video comes out, to see what will happen to Bitey next. Although, i wouldn't mind trying to do some fan art, but im not all that good. If i were to, I would like to have your opinion, just so that if I did, no one would complain. Other than that, you are an amazing animator and artist, and I can't wait to see the future of Bitey and Brackenwood.

chluaid responds:

thanks for your feedback! feel free to post a link to your fan art, I'd be happy to take a look :)


2009-12-22 22:06:08

I just wanted to once again give you all the support I have as well as everyone on newgrounds we encourage and support your work and wish you the best of luck with everything!
Every flash you make has a long long (really long) time as the big star, in fact incording to the records, Waterlollies is still 2nd place for the records, that's amazing! Your animation and plot is the biggest part that touches me and wish you everything you need.

chluaid responds:

cheers man, your support really means a lot :)