Monsters and Ch4 available

2009-06-03 11:22:58 by chluaid

I had planned on releasing this chapter and making this post months ago, but work got in the way so apologies to everyone who's been waiting on it. I've been trying to fit in the writing, illustrating, screenshotting and all that heavy book shit amongst three or four freelance jobs with vicious deadlines!

Anyway HERE's the BCA page with the lovely new shopping cart and shiny ch4 thumbnail :D

The freelance stuff I'm working on has been the new D&D cartoon from Wizards of the Coast. I did it with ToonBoom Animate Pro which is pretty awesome. Pity it can't export a good .swf otherwise I'd be uploading more stuff to NG. btw, ToonBoom does export to .swf but all the really cool effects are left out, so ToonBoom's .swf result isn't as good as Flash's. Hope that changes someday but Flash CS4 is pretty good.. once you stabilise it with the patch that is :P

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Another btw: I took my live cam down cos not only was the auto-upload screwing around and disconnecting, but I've moved house now and my internet connection has been demoted slightly. Plus there's nowhere to put them camera behind me so you can see what I'm doing. Nobody wants to look at my goblin-head from the front!

Monsters and Ch4 available


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2009-08-09 18:44:34

Waterlollies is far too underated at the moment, a good example of just how badly Newgrounds is reclining.
Your fantastic pieces of art need much more recognition.


2009-08-12 18:03:39

Your my 3rd favorite author on all of Newgrounds. you propaply have the most amazing artwork.


2009-08-23 16:49:57

the video was good but the was one thing (and its more of a personal thing) but i really really hate it when sound in videos gos from low to high and i did so when that monster smashed the little dude (do you know what? thinking about might be from all the screamers i watched...)


2009-08-28 16:13:32

wowwwww who plays the music in all the little video movies?


2009-08-28 22:04:23

"HAHAHA YOU HAVE A MONKEY HEAD!" monster:....*nom*


2009-08-29 23:08:47

nice demogorgon


2009-09-02 14:54:03

hehe looks sick:)


2009-09-09 12:26:02

lol.. that was great! the gnome reminds me of one of the vampire guys from 30 days of night


2009-09-14 20:42:36

ur 79?


2009-10-08 00:21:09

YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW YOUR D&D STUFF AWILE AGO, AND THEN SAW A PIC OF BITEY (THE COOLEST GUY EVER!!!!!!) AND I WAS LIKE, "hmm....that might be cool, ill watch it..." THEN I WATCHED IT AND I WAS LIKE, "HOLY F@#KING S@#% THIS GUY ROCKS!!!!" AND THEN I CALLED ALL MY SISTERS OVER TO WATCH AND THEY WATCHED AND THEY WERE LIKE, "HOLY COW!!!!!! WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THESE!!!!!!!!!!" AND I WAS LIKE, "CUZ HES HIDEIN ON NEWGROUNDS!!! LETS GO WATCH MORE OF EMMM.....XP!!!!!" btw....u rock....and i use toon boom, but i suck :'( i wsh you could teach me....


2009-10-12 10:36:59

good artwork and the animation,owww...
1question only
where is bitey castle?


2009-10-13 19:48:38

Are you really 79?


2009-10-20 16:05:43

When's the next Bitey episode coming up? Or are you planning one?


2009-10-26 09:22:11

Brilliant, i love it :D


2009-11-06 05:17:00

The fact that all of your animations don't hold all of the top spots of Newgounds' top fifty is shameful.

Of course, if you really cared about that you'd be making Dragon Ball Z sprite movies with princess Peach being raped by Ryu and Sonic.........

In short, please keep being awesome.


2009-11-07 16:40:38

yeah I really hate what they've done to flash cs4....I don't like the way the new tweens look...I always have it make a classic tween. ...hope they don't get rid of that all together...

anywho. Good work on that cartoon.


2009-11-15 05:26:55

woah cool. kinda like a freaky tarzan


2009-11-19 22:28:33

You could export the ToonBoom animations to any format & then import them into flash as a video. That could work, then you would be able to upload things here.


2009-11-24 16:57:52

You can export to flv, cant you? Just make black bands at th top or bottom to quilty back


2009-12-07 06:46:23

Dear Phillips AKA Chluaid,

Each video flash submission you've shared, I've watched. Before my first click into your world, I was a mere outsider. Now, I can say I've been pulled into this "wanting" for more of your work. I am forever a fan of your artwork and creativity. It really helps to influence me and improve my own story telling through my poetry, short stories and songs. So I wanted to thank you. And about your article on those NG members who felt you didn't belong because of your professional skill and experience, I apologize for their ignorance. Your talent is amazing and is steadily improving always. And you have gained the lime light in New Grounds but just because you capture many with your beautiful work does not mean others should be at doubt in their own work. You just give them someone to look up to, to build upon, and in some cases even become their rival or challenge at making a better video beyond their present capabilities. All in all your limelight and success doesn't leave others in the dark shadows but it gives them permission to shine just as bright if not brighter.
I tend to write a lot I know. Forgive me.
Again Thank You So Much Chluaid


chluaid responds:

Thanks so much for that Dom :)


2009-12-09 12:26:14

I made a profile because of you,thats how good you are I simply coul not resist being unable to give your animations a 5.


2009-12-09 12:28:50

Why does the gnome have the types of eyes it has. Any reason for that? Or is it a change that they did for 4th edition?