Waterlollies finished

2007-09-11 13:47:43 by chluaid

when I say "finished"... I mean that my part of it is done :)
The animation is complete so I actually saw the sky a few times over the past week or so. I even had time to make an instructable. (How to make a Piano-wire slingshot) Go vote :)

So Waterlollies.. when?
Well, now I'm just waiting on the music/sound to be completed and in the meantime I can fine-tune stuff to my heart's content. It's 8 minutes long and looking like it'll be close to (perhaps a bit over) 10MB.

The actionscript guy is pretty much done too.. it's been difficult and a little frustrating to try getting intense scripted effects performing reasonably over the top of complex graphics but the best person for the job just happens to be the guy who's doing it :)

Can't wait for everyone to see it but believe me, hearing it will be something else.. the music guy has brought something to this project that I never could.

I didn't want to release any more backgrounds, but I posted a screen-capture video on YouTube of me doing a Waterlollies background, so you can see the finished piece below (click here to see the video on YouTube).

If I can't release Waterlollies before the 20th Sept, I'll wait until after Madness Day to release it.
Talkitye soon


Waterlollies finished


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2007-09-11 13:51:13

Looking forward to it Adam!

Best of luck :)


2007-09-11 13:52:54

Damn I was just here checking out your messages 5 minutes ago.


2007-09-11 13:55:59

Also I might add.. As it's 2am here in Perth.. I assume it's about 4-5am over there..

Up late finishing it off I assume? Nothing wrong with a bit of dedication I suppose :P


2007-09-11 14:39:24


Did a double-take when I saw your message and I "ran" to the portal to check if you'd submitted it but you hadn't and I was all "aww".

Happy to see it's almost done though! Muy love


2007-09-11 14:54:52

Incredible. All I can say.


2007-09-11 15:01:49

I can't wait to see this...shades of Miyazaki.


2007-09-11 15:20:24

I really can't wait, it looks awesome :D


2007-09-11 15:27:38

Beautiful as always. Why do you need an actionscript guy? I'm curious.


2007-09-11 15:34:00

Nice, i CAN wait to see it because i know it will blow my mind away. Good luck to ya


2007-09-11 16:18:44

Wow, telling the people here too? you must really be ready then =D


2007-09-11 16:28:32

I can't wait.


2007-09-11 16:37:18

cant wait, knowing you've assembled a great team of people.


2007-09-11 17:02:49

Well done, I feel happy for you for some reason :D

Can't wait to see it.


2007-09-11 17:04:36

Awesome! I can't wait!


2007-09-11 22:51:47

crap, your title really had me going :P
man I can't wait...my little sister who's three years old loves brakenwood. She sometimes says to me "get me on compooter i wan wash bitey" she's so cute


2007-09-12 00:04:15

Hello, how are you?


2007-09-12 04:41:31

Woooohooooooooo! (Maybe a bit over-dimensioned) That looks awesome! I can't wait.


2007-09-12 18:57:43

Releases this on the 27th (my birthday) and i will forever love you. not that i dont already love you.


2007-09-14 23:48:00

Sounds insanely awesome.

I can barely hold my excitement! XD



2007-09-15 01:47:20

Yay! I can't wait!


2007-09-15 18:20:37



2007-09-15 18:22:08

Damn, that made me even more bored, because now i know i gotta wait 5 days >_<


2007-09-16 09:32:08

Looks great! By the way, how do you afford to get professional scoring?

chluaid responds:

I got sponsorship for the movie and spent it ALL on the musical score and sound effects :)


2007-09-16 14:05:31

Oh ...Oh wow.

You make it look so easy.

How did you get so good at drawing nature?
Do you have a reference, or is it all from your head?


2007-09-16 17:32:55

4 more days.
P.S. Do u use the brush tool or the line tool to draw bitey ?


2007-09-17 19:15:22

I cant wait Adam i realy hope you finish soon. Good luck. I saw a picture of just Bitey's foot and some grass and its beter then anything else here lol. Again good luck.


2007-09-18 23:38:58

hey i say save no matter what for after madness day. its gonna be close anyway. however, halo 3 is coming out and a lot of peeps will be preoccupied with that. it could go both ways. in any case, all of your brackenwood titles have made it to the best ever top 50 submissions list so im sure waterlollies will blow me away.

on an unrelated note, because of your most spectacular flash composer ever. i was wandering if you might, maybe, possibly, could, unsurely, conceivably make some flashes of my comic. well its not just my comic, my friends made it too. its funny (not your style) and good. now we just started it and it may take months to get the story goin but maybe by next year you miht be able to help us with it. its ok if you dont want to cause i have some other flash friends like Legendary Frog and Afro Ninja that are willing (just to name a few), but maybe u could make a well made very satisfactory visualled flash of it. u know, just one that would stand out above the rest. it would be something new and it has to has voices. but im just contemplating ideas. i just saw your work and i could see what our comic would look like if u made it and i had to at least ask you. i just wanted to know if you would. you would get credit for the submission, i just want it to say the idea was by us in the credits. all u have to do is use the characters of the comic and make a story off of it.

if you want to know what the comic is about its on my account page on NG as a news post.

oh, and i hope waterlollies makes it to the top 10 of all time flash list. but i dont think it will need hope.


2007-09-19 06:35:51

Hi Adam. Are you gonna release WaterLollies tommorow? Regards Spindax. I love your work btw.


2007-09-19 18:59:52

This is so exciting! An 8 minute flash by Adam Phillips! It might take an hour to load, but it'll be worth the wait.


2007-09-19 21:46:00

Woohoo!!!! ive been waiting for waterlollies for awhile good to know i can see it soon.


2007-09-20 12:05:16

My penis is tingling with excitement...


2007-09-20 22:25:55

Wow, you make all this look so easy. You might have missed 3 due dates, but honestly, I don't care, as long as it is great, you and the musicians can take their time. Hope they finish soon.



2007-09-21 00:03:39

I can already tell from that background that you've done the impossible and topped yourself yet again.

This animation is going to blow everyone's mind.


2007-09-21 01:54:06

Cant wait to see it Oo)
Is it up yet its the 20th!


2007-09-21 13:09:54

looks like it'll be awesome =]


2007-09-23 06:13:30

Its after madness day. Are u posting it in a few days ?


2007-09-24 01:30:18

yay for you!


2007-09-24 16:33:58

I'm very curious what sort of ActionScript-based effects you are using in your movie. I recently released my first animation, which uses a lot of procedural effects for rain and water ripples (on axcho.deviantart.com). Being both an artist and a programmer, I am very interested in exploring the possibilities for scripted effects to enhance animation. If you could take the time to explain how you are using code-based effects in your movie, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


2007-09-25 06:52:23

Can't wait... really looking forward to it!!

This is going to be great! :P

*jumps up and down in his seat from all the excitment*


2007-09-25 14:11:24

That's great news! I can't wait to see the last animation ! :)


2007-09-25 23:34:23

Awesome cant wait to see the finished product, The Vcam V2 will be used there or still version 1? i just got my hands in it and its awesome =)


2007-09-26 09:08:19



2007-09-26 20:13:18

ok, it's 4 days past madness day...where is it????


2007-09-27 04:25:51

Where TFIWL?!


2007-09-27 12:26:05

wow cant wait, btw you are too good at what you do how on earth are you soooo incredibly good?


2007-09-27 22:01:29

im sorry to say this adam but im dissapointed you havnt came out with anything since holloween im just saying you should pull out a 2:00 or something just to keep us knowing your not just sleeping all day...

but anyway hope it comes out soon


2007-09-27 22:40:06

ohh eyh? geeuess woawat? (waiting for response)


2007-09-28 11:23:20

this weekend ??


2007-09-28 19:27:28

i only just realised youn replied to my yuyu review:P
IVE ben replied to by a legend :D


2007-09-28 22:52:32

I can't wait! I'm a fan of all your work, and I'm sure Waterlollies won't dissapoint me

So... um... when are you going to put Bitey in Newgrounds Rumble?