New Brackenwood & BCA ch3

2008-11-16 21:16:15 by chluaid

» BCA Chapter 3
I've finally released the third BiteyCastle Academy chapter, and this one's all about how to get graphics into Flash, whether by importing or creating them with the drawing tools.

The first two chapters were free but with Chapter 3, I give you a choice of how much you'd like to pay (from: not much - - up to - - more than enough).

In the 55-page PDF, I talk about the process of setting up a scene for animation. We cover separating scene elements onto separate layers, painting, mixing colour, gradients offer a couple of cool little tricks that aren't too well known.

» Live Animation Cam
No dates yet but I've started work on a new Brackenwood short. I'm using ToonBoom Digital Pro, which is great and all, but many of the effects I want to use probably won't see a successful export to .SWF. If that happens, I'll try my luck at importing a .FLV into Flash so that I can upload to Newgrounds. I got a webcam set up in my room to document the whole project and you can also catch updates on the WoodenBlog.


New Brackenwood & BCA ch3


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2009-01-08 03:23:24

i've been levelling fishing with my gnome lately. i've caught old ironjaw, about five old crafties (lolol) and wouldn't you know, just earlier i caught mr pinchy on like my tenth highland mixed school! i wasted the first wish by accident though D: (full inventory)
and i know just how much you like mr pinchy :P


2009-01-10 12:04:14

COOL um are u gonna or are making a brakenwood movie PM me if u are


2009-01-10 19:59:35

u know what u need for Bitey a CHARACTERS LIST!!!


2009-01-11 09:29:36



2009-01-11 21:09:29

im not long time on new grounds so i wanted to see all the new grounds "icons", i saw your animations and i was amazed! I always loved when somebody could create his own world. I suppose you know Terry Pratchett, Dafydd Ab Hugh & Brad Linaweaver, Jaroslaw Grzedowicz (you cant know this one), Eric Nylund, Paul Stewart & Chris Riddel, Isaac Asimov and Neil Gaiman. Maybe you don't know them but they all have their own worlds and that is what i really like. The creativity! You created a world that is really unique, !original! and I say that you must be really creative because how the civilization ages the new ideas are more and more rare. I will look up to your new releases and I recommend you: Write a book!
With wishes of the best Aggross
I wanted to write you this by PM but i could not so I write it here hope you read it


2009-01-18 21:15:58

More Bitey? That's awesome! I love Brackenwood, especially the YuYu and Waterlollies. I watched the YuYu approx. 15 times in a row. Where on Earth did you get your inspiration? You are an amazing animator. For the sake of all of us, please keep up the good work. (I hope that was not too melodramatic.)


2009-01-24 08:15:30

mr pinchy was gay, out of all three wishes the best thing he gave was the buff, didnt get an achivement or pet.

anyway I quit WoW lol

left my gnome corpse to rot in the dalaran fountain

chluaid responds:

I quit WoW too.. one day I just said "WTF am I doing?"
I did a /gquit and left the game. Might come back if ever they have mounted combat ;)


2009-01-27 10:37:43

Just tried out ToonBoom, it´s certainly very capable when it comes to comparing it to Flash CS4, which is the version I got. But I´ll keep using flash for some time, as it´s hard to get used to ToonBoom, specially when I´ve been animating with flash since two years ago, when I was eleven, heh, makes me think back to when I could only animate stickmen...

That shot looks awesome, just like everything else you ever made, when did you start animating?


2009-01-30 06:03:19

why cant i evah watch your cam? :'(( i dun get it.. im at m.html and it says that it will auto refresh.. and ive even tried to refresh mah self.. but nuthing happens.. :(( ive tried back and forth in about a week now..

chluaid responds:

The cam software kept bugging out so I retired the cam. Might start it back up when I'm working on the next major animation project.


2009-01-31 12:37:46

Yo, love all your stories, they crack me up

keep em comin man,



2009-02-01 13:19:45

I saw all of your movies after watching "waterlollies" and i would just like to say what a great job your doing and am especially impressed by your story board on waterlollies... thank you.


2009-02-04 18:34:17

Hey! I love your videos. Your a great inspiration to many aspiring animators. Just thought I would say that. I was just wondering. How long have you been animating? I just started this year. 15 now, and not ver y good at drawing or animating, but I am getting better by the day. I hope that I will get good enough so that I can get a job animating, or at least be decent. I have other alternatives to go to if I dont get a job animating, but I think animating would be the best. Next in line would be History teacher. Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to your reply!


2009-02-05 23:21:52


I have in my possession MMFlash MX Professional 2004. Frustrated that I didn't know how to use it, I downloaded your tutorials and made a glowing ball of electricity, even though the tutorial was made for CS3! Now I have a backbone to stem from, and confidence in my ability to animate using Flash. I can't wait to see what else you can offer, and with the help of Adobe Photoshop, my scanner, and the bottomless pit that is my imagination...I am sure that I am on my way to creating the flash animations of my dreams!!!

And it's all thanks to your help. Thank you so much. I am eternally in your dept.

chluaid responds:

look forward to seeing your stuff on NG soon then :)


2009-02-06 21:42:08



2009-02-13 13:55:01

What if you made a game with the same level of graphic impressiveness... Holy crap, I... Have to go change pants... bhai! :)


2009-02-14 22:27:38

Hey I just wanted to thank you personaly for making the Brackenwood videos there style and form are both amazing and unique and I must say out of all the video graphics Iv seen on NG you have the very best and I love how the style seems to change every video. I cant wait for you next videoand I hope its as more in depth as you say. p.s hope for the return of the witch =P.


2009-03-07 09:48:20

About the scripted camera you mention in prowlers by the river flash. I was just wondering whats that about and if i could get it? i really would love it, for some reason when i started in flash (not long ago) i had the idea that there was some sort of camera tool. . . but no you have to create the illusion of a camera in very awkward ways, so please please tell me more about it, id love to know. Im an animation student in Ireland and im pretty much hoping to be you one day lol, although i doubt il get working for disney, anyways. Thanks! Marc McCabe.


2009-03-08 22:22:11

also madness 9 in a week or so hopefully


2009-03-10 18:31:29

Any new flash anytime soon PLEASE?


2009-03-13 20:55:16

ya done with that graphic novel yet?


2009-03-15 16:38:52

I just saw your Short "waterlollies" and i have to say, im really more impressed than ever, what i especially liked about this animation was simplicity of it, as well as the identity of creatures we have not seen. In other words, good job, you made another world. Mike E.


2009-03-26 11:34:36

Well I just paid the $10 one.
Hope you spend it wisely.
notably $10 in American....
Which I thought was weird...considering..y''re not in America.


2009-03-30 09:39:48

Why is your username 'chluaid'? I've always wondered.


2009-03-30 10:06:09

Token of appriciation, youre work has inspired and motivated me and gave me some good laughs; 'Whooo was that ' for example. Brackenwood is epic keep it up, or not youve entertained me and others enough, youre choice.


2009-04-02 16:20:24

hey, u surprised me i thought all these comments wud not be replied to...thank u for actualy reeding these (unlike most famous people).
I personaly think of all the people id like to meet ud be on of them. ur imagination is amost as good as mine (that was a joke we're pretty equal). id like to speak with u 1 day, just 1 day


2009-04-02 16:23:08

p.s. i have a big imagination but i cant animate u have thats a prize, but i was wondering if ud like to hear my ideas...i no uve probably been offered a thousand times but hear me out...thank u


2009-04-03 17:56:56

how do you do it.


2009-04-04 04:15:13

You are insanely good at drawing. IM JEALOUS >:(


2009-04-05 08:47:32



2009-04-08 06:32:35

lol! lollol11! i tot@lly pwned your pixelated counterpart in portal defenderinos!!1


2009-04-10 11:11:14

are you not making brackenwood anymore it was seriously captain of NG,


2009-04-11 12:38:09

I love all of your cartoons and your style? How did you learn such style, just practice or did someone help you learn. Because I would like to improve on my art skills as well, though I don't know how other then just practicing, would that be all?


2009-04-14 08:33:13

You are one of Newgrounds' finest animators. I'm jealous. Oh what the heck, you're my Newgrounds hero.


2009-04-15 06:38:58

I'll be buying flash in the very near future, but first i wanna know two things:
what's the difference between the student and professional versions?
and would it be a good idea to buy cs3 rather than cs4 just for the sake of being able to follow your guides?


2009-04-17 08:47:52

I know you've gotten this question many times but you've never answered it, and as a fellow Aussie I think it your duty to do so...

Will there be a Waterlollies sequel?


dun, dun, dunnnn


2009-04-17 19:18:25

just one question abuot bitey why is he such a jackass


2009-04-22 13:33:29

brackenwood rules
pooping is fun


2009-05-20 18:24:02

Heyyy, if you're looking for a sound person id like to submit my 'application'. I was going to message you but cannot. Check out my stuff if you would like, ill be uploading more over the next day/2. Hope to hear from you! I'll work my ass off!

chluaid responds:

thanks for the offer man.. I'll check out your stuff and keep you in mind should I get time to work with another team, but I think we've found our music guy for the current team. We'll submit our music guy's name and team name soonish. thanks again and good luck with whoever you hook up with.


2009-05-22 22:34:26

CREDITED, thanks a bunch


2009-05-24 22:26:38

How bout' makin' a new post there son.


2009-05-26 11:48:27

Paid the RRP for chapter 3, totally worth it. Thanks and looking forward to new Brackenwood :D

chluaid responds:

Thanks dude :D


2009-05-27 13:14:36

Keep working on the Brackenwood series, they are just fantastic! Could you perhaps have a little more "wildlife" in the one your working on? That would be just great! :)

chluaid responds:

more wildlife? ok, I'll see what I can do :D


2009-05-31 17:50:59

The chapter 3 was, to simply put it, AWESOME! Thanks for that e-book, the tips were really helpful, as always. ;)

On a sidenote, I wonder if I should try ToonBoom out, I checked their site and was impressed by some of the features Animate offers, such as 3D scene set-up.

chluaid responds:

yep ToonBoom Animate is incredible. Takes a few days of getting used to if you're a Flash veteran but that's outweighed by the amazing stuff you can do with it. Glad you liked ch3 btw, thanks. I just released ch4 so I'm blogging that in a few min :)