New Brackenwood & BCA ch3

2008-11-16 21:16:15 by chluaid

» BCA Chapter 3
I've finally released the third BiteyCastle Academy chapter, and this one's all about how to get graphics into Flash, whether by importing or creating them with the drawing tools.

The first two chapters were free but with Chapter 3, I give you a choice of how much you'd like to pay (from: not much - - up to - - more than enough).

In the 55-page PDF, I talk about the process of setting up a scene for animation. We cover separating scene elements onto separate layers, painting, mixing colour, gradients offer a couple of cool little tricks that aren't too well known.

» Live Animation Cam
No dates yet but I've started work on a new Brackenwood short. I'm using ToonBoom Digital Pro, which is great and all, but many of the effects I want to use probably won't see a successful export to .SWF. If that happens, I'll try my luck at importing a .FLV into Flash so that I can upload to Newgrounds. I got a webcam set up in my room to document the whole project and you can also catch updates on the WoodenBlog.


New Brackenwood & BCA ch3


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2008-11-28 22:25:49

It's nice to see such a great animator using more mediums.


2008-12-01 13:32:58

Your Animations are just so Co0l wicked & AmAZiNG !!!!!
I just really wanna ask
"what type of flash program do you use?"
it wud be a big help to me if you would answer
i tried asking other authors what they use but they probably don't accept pm's or just don't check theirs.
I wud be VeRRY GrATEFuL if you wud share this with me.....



2008-12-01 17:19:07

Hey! Im 16 and from norway!

I got inspired by your movie of that forest monster (doesn't remember what its called), So I made also a movie about that sort of creature. If you are interested of seeing that movie, please just ask me.


2008-12-01 23:46:16

I love bitey keep up the good work :D


2008-12-02 17:04:07

I love you..


2008-12-03 10:44:12

is it possible to be... too good?


2008-12-03 13:50:08

You are amazing, I like amazing :P Keep up, and that image looked freakin' awesome!


2008-12-04 01:30:07

some one is selling out

chluaid responds:

yeah selling out to myself.. cos you can only live off dirt for so long ;)


2008-12-04 18:00:21

Brackenwood SHORT
Like, not full length?

I'm watching you by the way.


2008-12-07 15:52:43

Hey Adam, what kind of Tablet do you use?


2008-12-08 14:22:44

i've watched The YuYu for like 20 times now, and everytime i watch this movie i get more excited. With every slam on the drum i feel something waking up inside.
i know it sounds extremely exaggerated but its just how i feel it.
it makes me feel alive.


2008-12-10 10:49:55

For some reason, I'm inspired by your work. Because of that I aim to be greater than you. You'll see. Yosh!


2008-12-12 12:57:46

Waterlollies is back on top :)


2008-12-13 05:35:36

Awesome Christmas Flash


Drunk Santa


2008-12-13 11:39:33

Charging people for helping them? That's rather mean...

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

tell that to
I'm a one-man operation and I'm hungry. You can't spare $2? and you reckon I'm mean ;)


2008-12-13 13:40:14

I literally want to kill you and have sex with your corpse. In a good way.


2008-12-13 18:29:37

Your Graphics are the best I've seen :)


2008-12-13 22:28:25

i will tell you your future if you reply


2008-12-13 23:06:19

Good news on the new chapter release, Its really great you are taking time to help alot of us here, myself included. There are alot of classes out there with the same help for 100 times the price, and anyone on a budget would be a fool to not take you up on your generous offer.

Btw Is that man in your blog part of the new BrackenWood? I have to admit, the prospect of seeing humans in your series is exciting.

I also might look into ToonBoom animate program. ToonBoom was the second program I learned after After Effects, but it was Flash that help me get my start. So its hard to turn away from that. But having flash close on me after an hour of work and forgetting to save has made it easier to start looking elsewhere. I need to see how well Animate exports to swf.

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

Thanks man!
Animate exports to SWF OK but some of the really awesome stuff doesn't.. for example, masking (cutters) are invertible, can have variable opacity and are blurrable, however this doesn't translate to vector, so it won't export to SWF. There are a few pitfalls like that which is a shame but I've heard rumours that they're working on a solution to use Flash's bitmap caching to somehow export those ToonBoom bitmap effects to vector formats like .SWF

In the end, Animate is probably the closest thing we could ever get as a cross between After Effects and Flash. It's a dedicated animation program full of awesome capabilities for video formats with some web export problems but none of the video export problems we associate with Flash.

I know what you mean about Flash helping you get your start.. same here. My audience is 90% Newgrounds so I could never abandon Flash unless ToonBoom could FULLY replace it.

btw, "man in my blog"? Do you mean something that was on my screen? There will be people in the Brackenwood feature but you might be seeing some freelance work I'm doing - unless you mean the webcam pic of me :P

*edit* oh I see what you mean about the man in my blog.. the image in this blog post is just a demonstration image from BCA Chapter 3.


2008-12-14 02:57:37

Man, you sure keep yourself busy. Admirable, to say the least.

Thanks for watching my work, by the way. I assume you saw it since you favorited it and all. Either way, thanks for taking the time, I greatly appreciate it!

Oh, I have to second the notion that the guy with the green flame up there is pretty intense looking. You never cease to amaze us, man.


2008-12-14 06:11:14

hey man glad your back, always a pleasure seeing one of the best (if not the best!) flash artist making yet another master peice soon to be in the bitey collection.
And to think that you made a tutoriol for you animating style, you my fellow australian rad!

Oh and what was your WOW characters name, my friend has one but I despise the very site of it. PM me if you don't want info to leak.. never mind, bye!!!!

chluaid responds:

My WoW character's name is ßitey (spelled Alt 0223 itey). I'm a horde guy on Khaz'goroth.. see you there ;)


2008-12-14 08:37:54

The BCA chapters are brilliant, they far surpass my old flash mx for dummies book haha!


2008-12-14 14:25:44

so is toon boom better than flash or does flash remain superior. i heard alot about toon boom and since most shows cartoons are made with it i thought it was the best animation program. but seeing as its so similar to flash there has to be some things one has over the other. what do ya say

chluaid responds:

Short answer is that Flash is better for .SWF stuff (i.e. NG submissions), while ToonBoom is better for video formats (i.e. YouTube, DVD, TV broadcast).


2008-12-14 17:10:41

Is there any way I could get a still of Bitey, he reminds me of my brother, and I want to get it tatooed on me. Amazing flashes by the way! Me and my brother loved the flash a day on your website! Keep up the great work!


2008-12-14 22:47:30

haha the Man in your blog,

I was refering to the illustration you have here in this post with the man and the flame, I see now its part of one of your exercises in your new chapter.

great work, very informative.

chluaid responds:

I get ya now :D
Yeah just an image to illustrate a technique.


2008-12-15 03:42:59

I was wondering do you use flash or toonboom I myself use Flash 8 any suggestions or ideas on how to go about setting up certain stuff like ideas like starting that big project

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

I use both but you don't need the software to come up with ideas. Learn to use one or the other and you'll be in a better position to make your ideas a reality. If you don't have the software, write the ideas down.


2008-12-15 04:07:44

There is this thing called the dole you know?

Alternatively being a tax fraud isn't so bad.

chluaid responds:

perhaps a bit of both!


2008-12-15 16:00:42

Your hawt. =3


2008-12-16 09:18:17

I just went on your site and reliased there was ah ton of shit that you havn't submitted to newgrounds yet. Is it because you want the main focus to be bitey, or is it to attract more visitors to your site cause you'll really get high in the ratings if you send your animations here.

chluaid responds:

yeah I want my site to have some stuff that isn't available anywhere else


2008-12-16 18:24:06

your awesome


2008-12-16 20:53:49

I got to say, I love your animations.
Stories are all interesting and quite good, the things you created quite fascinating. The animation is outstanding. I must say, bravo!

I was thinking, have you ever heard of Warhammer? I won't go into explanation if you have, but if not, and you like my idea, please feel free to ask.

I was thinking that you and I could possibly work together on a long series based on Warhammer. I have many stories that we could use, and can even send some of them to you, if you find the idea as a possibility. I believe that if we use the same animations that you are using, we could make a quite sucessful flash series!


P.S. Email is

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

yeah I love RPG and fantasy themed stuff.. I've done a bit of work for Wizards of the Coast doing Dungeons & Dragons shorts (to promote 4th Edition). Right now my current freelance job is doing animation for a fantasy game in that style too (not for Wizards or D&D though).

Not sure if I have time right now to do more stuff but perhaps later in the new year when I've got a couple of new shorts out of the way (BiteyCastle and Brackenwood), then I'll think about doing something like Warhammer style stuff. It'd be loads of fun cos I love all that shit :D


2008-12-17 11:13:53

Expect 1st on the christmas competition.

chluaid responds:

I didn't use the Christmas preloader so I'm not sure if I'm eligible.


2008-12-17 21:41:07

Good santa video but A christmas video with Bitey and such would be really good it would be good next year since it would take awhile but it would be sweet and I think your other fans would agree.


2008-12-18 19:31:45

that santa decoration on the christmas tree was so awesomely goofy!

chluaid responds:

playing WoW lately?


2008-12-18 19:34:31

oh and btw, they're using your cartoon's icon for the christmas collection :D
so yeah, you're eligible, your cartoon's on the list


2008-12-19 12:39:21

Hey Adam what do you think of this pic i drew? /ngbbs494accc4efd4c.jpg

(Updated ) chluaid responds:

that's awesome! Nice work :D


2008-12-19 18:25:15

correct me if im wrong, but are you from the UK?

chluaid responds:

Sydney Australia


2008-12-20 18:07:57

ahh i see. but doesnt that mean quality will be kinda bad. also does that mean it exports an AVI for example just like an SWF would export in flash. like in flash when you export as AVI or something other than swf movieclips dont play quality is BAD v-cam not anything action scripted will work yet in an SWF everything plays accordingly. so would toon boom export AVI or whatever other file like flash would export an SWF. sorry if i sound confusing

chluaid responds:

ToonBoom has none of the video export issues that Flash has, so no, you don't get bad quality video export. If that was the case, the Simpsons movie wouldn't have been done with ToonBoom ;)


2008-12-21 03:02:31

Yeah, been on WoW a fair bit, level 79 now :D That's on my gnome, though
Questing in storm peaks yesterday when I chanced upon Vyragosa, rare elite, quite happy with that :D
Now I've killed three rares for Frostbitten
ur still 71! lol

chluaid responds:

that's cos I have a life :P (one that's crammed with work unfortunately)
I just cracked 72 yesterday and got about halfway to 73. Probably will hover around there for a few months heh. Is Zalf still in our guild?


2008-12-22 18:37:36

Told ya

No i know how it works and it's a joke how it works... it's a certain number of voters who voted then it gets the average score which puts it up there I have been on the site since the old assiassin days but nice try bud

O yea and your not even in the top 50... in fact your the 2nd best of the week which is in the top 3 like i said it would be.... you sir need to learn how to use EPIC FAIL when needed

The sad part is that I even said you had a good flash so next time don't get all pissy trying to call someone out when they are right hahahaha


2008-12-23 04:23:11

As far as I know, my pally hasn't been kicked out lol
I was on him a few days ago to say gday to khaz'goroth
struck 80 on my gnome yesterday :O

chluaid responds:

I just hit 80 this morning at 4am. It's all pvp and dailies from now on :D
Maybe the occasional naxx run with the guild.


2008-12-25 05:15:47

Merry Christmas !!


2008-12-27 18:28:33

wtf mate, i ordered BCA 3 like 16 hours ago.

chluaid responds:

You got it eventually? Sorry that it took so long (assuming you got it). I send them manually so if I'm away from the computer for a long time, I send the chapters when I get back.


2008-12-31 20:09:32

yo its been a while so i was just wondering when is chapter 4 coming out? ive been following this tutorial booklet youve got going on (paid $2 for chapter 3 im sorry im cheap). if you could aquire a date for release of chapter 4 then that would be great. :D


2009-01-01 05:36:53

ur really good at this X3


2009-01-02 05:37:33

100th <3


2009-01-02 14:13:45

you are an author, i was an instant fan when i saw my first one of ur cartoons, keep up the awesome work!


2009-01-03 08:40:23

I'm a big fan of Brackenwood and it's been ages since your last one


2009-01-04 03:56:04

Checked out the Academy and it looks pretty awesome. It would so cool to learn to animate as good as you. Also the picture of the guy with the flame is fantastic.


2009-01-05 23:59:28

One thing i forgot to say in my review of Waterlollies. I said alot of negative things about, but i wanted to say that your Flash skills are amazing and i didnt want you to think that i totally hated it. So i just wanted to clear that up, so just so you know that.


chluaid responds:

There's a storytelling & acting guru who I idolise and his name is Ed Hooks. In your review, your comments about character motivation are pretty much exactly what he said about Bitey in Waterlollies. Reviews with good, valid criticism are like gold to me, so I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the time to help me become a better storyteller ;)