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Well, we finally see the face behind the computer screen.
Great to see the major strides you've come this far to father and nurture.

Though the program does not pertain to my skill needs, nonetheless i'm glad to see you willing to teach for far less harsher prices than most of these corporate run colleges.

Thanks Cluaid, you are indeed a community contributive animator on newgrounds for other inspired artists!


My pants ... I must change them.

hey this is great.
a 39 dollar donation i was tentative about.
but 39 dollars for 8 weeks of fx tuition; that's just good value.

Sounds cool I don't know how much time I'd be able to dedicate to it until next summer so I might hold off on subscribing until then.

Im signed up..

Now my dick animations can have realistic jiggle and bounce to it

and as such, they will stand cock and shoulders above most other dick animations out there.

I so want in ):!

I havent read yet but your awesome

Update 8D! I already sent you my money.

Fuck not having a job! >:/

Oh no! I just read the fine print about the class...

So if I donated $300, I don't get this ?? :'(

Or I have to swap my gifts for this one?

I underestimated the interest there'd be in the course, so I'm looking into ways of offering it to higher-pledge backers. I may post on the Updates tab soon.

This is totally what I need! Up'ed my donation :)

thanks man :)

@RicePirate: " If you'd like to pledge higher, but want to choose this reward, please feel free to do so"

Also that video was amazingly amazing :D

I would pledge but I don't have a credit card or anything.

Yeah i Pledged 75$ I then read about the fact its only for 39$ers but yeah It sorta makes sense. :D

NOooo... now everyone's gonna be awesome at effects. I'mma go out of business : O

This is awesome. I hope to pledge soon.


You are one sexy old shit.
I want you to teech meh way of samuraiiiii

thank you. Indeed I am sexy and old and shit.

I hope that surgery went well......

Thanks :)
hasn't happened yet though. Meeting surgeons on Oct 21.

you shold make a happy ending for the brackenwood story were bity find's more of is kind keep up the good work (:

How can I help out if I missed the kick starter campaign as I had no money then :/

If you're interested in learning FX, the course is open now

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