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You got my 75 bucks :D i would give more but parents would kill me :D

I love you for risking your life :)

No just keep up the art so maybe some day i can go to Melbourne meet or something :D and meet you :D

I missed the last one.. hope I get to the next one, wherever it is!


thank you in advance you lovely Frozen person you


^ much appreciated :)

I shall donate when I get paid next week :)

Your FB posts and tweets are valuable in themselves.

Looking great man. Good luck

thanks man!

I would donate if I had a bank account, :'C

just tell your friends, link it on Facebook, etc. Cash is nice but word of mouth is important :D

Hay! aren't you Australian? How come you get to use Kickstarter?

Sean McGee is from Austin TX. It's under his name.

$20,000 to make a flash game? Really?

How much would YOU like to earn for 8-10 months of full time work? Then split it 50-50% with your colleague, not to mention added costs of music and audio.

I look forward to squeezing my plushie whilst beta-testing your beautiful looking game. Also, can I opt to get my wife's name in the zombie game over myself?

And, no, not because I plan to shoot her undead corpse... no ...

absolutely! and thanks for your support man :)

Adam Phillips... I got your name deep in my memory... actualy I've been following your job for a long time... and each time I see something new from you it's getting slighlty better, it seems it never stops haha

Now when I hear "animation" i think to you too, because of all the great work you've done till now... I realy would like to animate like you but i don't have enough time for it... hopefully there are poeple like you to entertain other people.

I got a question : have you learned animation by yourself or by school or something?.

However you're an Animator but an animator with a BIG A lol one of the best lol... go on man never stops (I'm still waiting for the next sequence of your story... i'm wondering what's going to happen now)

Thanks! The LotD sequel is still in the works and actually making progress. It'll come after the game. To answer your question, I've always been able to draw but I was lucky enough to get a job in an animation studio. I learned animation there

Man I wish I could donate something. Sadly I don't have the power to do so right now. But I'll definitely try to spread the word as much as I can.

thanks :D

If I had any money at all, I would donate. I have nothing more to offer but my spirit, and my hope that this awesome game is completed soon!

Your soul is all I want. SPIRIT! ... I mean Spirit.

FUCK YOU you fucking beggar faggot

it doesnt cost money for you to animate, kickstarter should only be for things that require capital to make

take the time to fucking make the cartoon and youll get sponsored and money from views and shit, you dont need to fucking beg people to pay you

fuck you faggot you are scum you are lower than shit you are a beggar

I'd say "busker". Beggars don't give anything in return.

we'll be soon deleting registar's account for growing up in a poor household with lousy parents that didn't teach him manners or encourage any kind intelligence.

I think an actual beggar spoke to me like that once.

to registar for his very helpful comment, you best be smartening up boy, after they have been working on this GAME, not cartoon for over 8 months they are going to be needing money, this money helps the game become ad free and also helps them create future games/cartoons. i would donate but i have no money at all and if i did my parents would get really pissed, wish i could help, sorry:(

word of mouth is as good as any pledge, thanks man :)

What registrar was trying to say was he donated $5000

aaaaah.. well in that case, drying my tears in 3 - 2 - 1... WOOOO!

Dude, looks great. I'll try to donate some cash if I can

This is going to be amazing, and if I can I'll defiantly donate! Seems worth the cause.

@Registrar: You think it doesn't cost money to animate instead of go to work? I'm not sure if that's the case hear of not, but animation can be expensive, and financial backing is required.

S'not much, but I threw in 10 bucks. Good luck to you and your team on completing this project, lookin' forward to see it come to fruition. :]

Every pledge helps, thanks for being involved and I hope you like your collector cards :D

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