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awesome. i will watch/listen now. thanks so much for this.

your voice reminds me of NPR. You have a very calming, relaxing voice, one which I would not like to listen to for hours, but is good for the time being.

hey do you have a msn?

sorry no I don't use IM at all (except Skype for work only)

i'm assuming biteys exaggerated 'run' is a lot easier to accomplish in these angles than showing a real run where each foot hits one by one. looks like the design of bitey came from animation experience knowing whats animatable as well. good stuff so far.

Bitey walks like us, but I needed his run to be something special. I thought about how fast four-legged animals can move and studied their movement. Bitey's bounding animation is based on the back legs of a dog/goat/horse/cat/etc. so if you watch some video of say, a dog running, then block out the front half so you can't see the head & front legs, you'll see Bitey's bounding animation.

Why can't I draw like that?

Finally we hear the voice behind the screen XD

good to see a bit ahead of schedule.


Hey, this is great! Thanks for doing that! I'm only on the third movie right now but I'm amazed at the huge spacing you're using. O_O I was worried doing Sly on 3's would flicker too much, but from the look of this I could have gotten away with 4's, lol! Now I have to go watch that scene again...

GAH! You're doing such crazy things with the spacing! I'm sure it's the result of shifting the camera as he's running, and the fact that he's supposed to be going really fast, but I just don't understand how this can work the way it is!

not sure I know what you mean. Spacing as in the distance between drawings?


Dude, I'm gonna have to try that painterly approach. Who needs lines anyway, right? You could probably just use your rough linework and drop in a fill if you don't get too crazy with it. How fun!

yeah it's a quick technique and very forgiving, especially in scenes with fast or chaotic movement like this.

did you do this for me or just read my mind?

I read everyone's mind and did it for everyone X)

Ah, thats a nice explanation. You do a good job of doing that 'special' run and it makes sense. It's very unique. Good luck with the following episodes!


You are the best animator on NG. Keep it up!

well thanks, I'll try :K

You like playing with knives to!
lol mommie always said not to play with sharp objects but I don't think I ever listened.

I listened, but I disobeyed.

if you dont get this last bitey series a great finale im gonna slowly die inside until my body runs out of blood *slices open leg*

give me the knife.. give me the knife.

Good to see a video behind the scenes!
I would also like to note that your voice reminds me of Michael Cera. (Hes in such movies as Juno, Super-bad and Year one)

me and Cera.. we're the same. Except he doesn't look like a goblin.

I just bought your book from here: <a href="http://www.biteycastle.com/bca/bca.html">http://www.biteycastle.com/bca/bca.ht ml</a>

but how do I receive the link?
do you know you can do that automatically with paypal?

oh, nevermind, just got them.
I can see why you're doing it manually.

yeah, I send the chapters manually when I get the Paypal email. If you don't get it immediately it's cos I'm probably resting my face against the floor.

This shiz is awesome Adam!! Almost everyday I check to see these videos, They're that Cool!!!! By the way, I have A question that has been pondering me a bit, How old is bitey supposed to be? Just wondering!!!


biologically he's the equivalent of 13-15 yo

You're fuckin awesome ;D

fuckin THANKS ;D

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