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just bought it! thanks a lot man, you're plain awesome!

Haha, I love your D&D stuff, it's hilarious. I was looking into ToonBoom recently. I really like how the interface works, it looks like its actually built for character animation. I really need to sit down and learn it.

Damn, you truly are a Flash God.


Touch my earlobe please, in a sexy manner.

Great job on the animation "Demogorgon and the Gnome", it may be only 2 and a half minutes but it's really good.

Also the chapters of BCA are well written ( I got 3 and 4 yesterday), I've been picking up techniques on drawings as well as animation!

And looking forward to the feature film as well.

waterlollies was great! keep it up!

I pity the reporter...

That was really funny! What'd he say at the end though? You're are fucking what now? And if you can't get everything into flash, can't you like printscreen what doesn't convert? It might take time but at least you would get it done.

Damn, 38 already?

very good animation the um gnome and demogrogon was very funny and um do u do the voices
also what music do u use for the bitey of brackenwood ones
P.S i think BRACKENWOOD is a cool name for the place or scenery, ugh FOREST yeah thats it forest.

and i thought luke mckay was awesome with his WoW experiments good work and i also love parties

hey there!, i just thought you should take a look at this thread: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1071131">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 071131</a>.
it has a link to a competition on FOX and i think you should submit biteycastle christmas to the competition.
it would be super cool if an Aussie could win it. (5k usd)
just thought i should let you know, maybe i should pm this.
those drawings look sick.

Hey, If I'm correct, your name is Adam Phillips,by any chance, do you live in McKinney, Texas?

Hello chluaid,
Your animations are very good! May i ask what software you use to make it? I would like to make some myself and i have worked with some ok software but none would let me do the types things that you were allele to do.
Thank you so much,

dude...you got amazing animation skills,really like the brackenwood series :D

(tsk,added you on steam)

You totally have to upload some artwork. :)

Hey I just noticed you have a steam account, I was quite a TF2 player for 9 months or so and I see that you play it too, if you ever want another friend to play with on a server I'll be happy to oblige, comment if you can. I really like your animation and it would be awesome just to be in my own element with someone who is such a celebrity here. Future reference my steam name is Camail. I'll send you a friend invite, but if that ends up not going through then at least I tried.

on the NGsketch thing is says that you live in ashfeild Australia, is that the ashfeild in WA next to basendean coz if it is i live realy close. plz mesage back

Yea ive been waiting on it :(
Anyways, could u do me a big favor? Add me to your contacts plox:)
i was writing you a A4 long PM when NG said you were only accepting pm's from contacts, which is really understandable, u can't just go to the Queen of England and ask her to have some thee with you eighter, can u? Anyways i had this really important letter, important for mezz, to you asking you a life-saving question, could i please send it to you somehow?:) THANKs

Where is Bitey?
I want more Bitey and Brackenwood D;

Hey, I'm a NG writer, and I've written a script and storyline you can view on my page, if you don't want to start from scratch, just wait a few hours, we have JeremyLokken finishing up backgrounds and character ideas, so please, give this animating job a try. I really feel, I could NOT get anyone better than you for this art job. I HAVE NEVER, seen an artist as good as you, and I would be honored to have you.

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