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you're smiling
my heart just jumped

probably smiling at the silly things that go on in my head :D

I don't even do flash, but i'll buy your third chapter :D! You deserve a lot for those things, I can see it being a huge help to many artists

thanks man, hope you're right.

Looking forward for your dvds! Big fan here man :)

hey man, long time no see :)
DVDs are a ways off yet, but they'll come eventually.

YESSS! My hero is back :)!

where'd he go?

Its the master himself woop

Never tried ToonBoom, heard good things about it though. Best of luck man!!

thanks :D

Well I just bought it mate ~_^

Now waiting for the send :P

Shouldn't take long coz I'm Aussie same as you?

Also can't wait for the new Brackenwood short, And the Movie :)

You should make a Bitey Of Brackenwood DVD collection and sell it at NG And Biteycastle. That'll be awesome :P

well all the luck and can't wait till the new short :)

thanks mate! Hope you got it OK. Sorry for the delay (was playing WoW for a bit too long tonight).
Enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think of it.

Wow i love your flame drawing style........i hope il learn to draw flames like you

chapter 5 perhaps :P

i love you. not the gay way dude! ;)
wow man the tutorial sounds nice, i'll definitely buy it! :DDDDD

yeah i'll contact you in skype if i need help. thanks.

it's good to hear that bitey is still alive, can't wait to see the next part :D


cheers :D

Awesome, looking forward for it! :)

You know, you really show creativity that show's huge potential for a unique book adventure, do you have any plans for an adventure book?

I don't have any immediate plans for a book, but I briefly considered writing the History of Brackenwood as a novel, so it'd be easier to sell as a movie. Not sure that'll happen now but I got other ideas.. we'll see

Excellent. I'll give this toonboom animate a try. I've been looking for an alternative to Flash (flash drives me insane with its bizarre errors). Toonboom Digital Pro made me want to cry everytime I looked at the interface. Plus it was way out of my price range anyway.

I shall be purchasing your latest BCA chapter once I top up my paypal account!

Looking forward to the new brackenwood =)


let me know how you go with Animate.. it's targeted to Flash users who want to make the cross-over so it's got options to choose workspace and keyboard shortcut sets identical to Flash, so you feel right at home ;)

I would buy the book if I animated and didn't have to use my mum's credit card... Damn my childhood! If only I were an adult... I can't wait for the new animation!

I have never heard of toonboom, but I'm sure it's good as a god at flash like you are using it. Is it better than flash? Does it work better than flash? I don't animate but I'm pretty sure it's better if you are preferring it more than flash. Cheers! Can't wait for brackenwood. One of my favorite series!!! Also, is that pic by you?

yep that's a pic from the BCA chapter.
Flash has its place, particularly for freelance jobs I do where the client requires delivery in .swf format, but ToonBoom is amazing when it comes to really high-quality animation for broadcast and video. It's got things like variable blur, blurred masks, IK, 3D camera, colour management. It's the real deal that animation schools use to teach traditional 2D animation.

So what about your feature film? Is that on hold now or is that the project you're showing us? Good luck buddy, I can't wait to see what's goin' down.

Thanks man.. yep me and my co-writer have Brackenwood story meetings over Skype every day, so the feature film project is still going. The image in the post is an illustration from BCA Chapter 3.

I see you there... answering your comments

creep :O

I just bought chapter 3. I must say, I learned a LOT, it was definitely a better use of that 6$ than other purchases.. though I can't help but say I wish there was even more to be learned from that chapter.

anyway, you've sold me on all of the paid chapters to come! thank you!

Glad you liked it and thanks for the little extra :D
There are a couple of topics that could have been covered in the Graphics chapter but were more closely related to animation or effects so they'll be covered in those chapters. The book as a whole should be pretty well rounded as a result. Thanks again

:DD i just bought it, waiting for the email now! thank you adam!

thank you, come again!
Hope you like :)

holy crap, i just completed the tutorial, it was great! very well explained and stuff! i can't wait for chapter 4, hurry!!! :DDDD

I'll do me best :P

yay he's working on the new brackenwood storyboard :D

if you run out of ideas, then...


thanks for the idea.. might just work :O

i'm level 9
you're level 4
how does that make you feel? :O


Good idea about skype.
Maybe some day you gone reicive my call. :)
Thanx Philip for tutorials, im gone buy the third one when i will get money on card.

Ur always of to somewhere when i wanna watch the cam :3 .......oh yea, will u make a water animating tutorial?

eventually, yep. Chapter 5 is the effects chapter but I may split that into 2 chapters.. lighting effects and elemental type effects.

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